Queensland Region update 14th May 2020

John McMullan - 14/05/2020

Exciting news for Queensland. It’s time to get back on the Audax Calendar!

The Queensland Government has released information regarding the easing of restrictions starting this weekend (read the essential information here) and in conjunction with Audax Australia releasing our guidelines for restarting rides we can make a gentle restart to the season for Permanent rides within Queensland on Saturday May 16th 2020 and Calendar Rides in South East Queensland resuming on Sunday May 17th 2020. Firstly, there are some limitations on what we can do and how we do them so please read the roadmap and guidelines above then be aware of the following:

  • Riders must live within a 150km radius of the farthest point of the route from their home. This does provide a good opportunity for most riders to participate.
  • We are restricted to a maximum of 10 people at the start for each ride however there may be multiple distance brevets with staggered starting times which will allow a greater number of riders to participate on the day.
  • Riders must be aware of and adhere to all directed social distancing including the additional cycling requirements from the Audax Australia guidelines such as maintaining a minimum 10m distance between riders.
  • You have the option to sign your own Brevets at controls and you may choose to obtain your food at a different location.
  • We cannot commence any cross border rides.
  • For permanent rides, you must contact the Ride Organiser prior to registration as some permanent routes will remain closed until further notice.

The Queensland Region committee met on Wednesday this week and assessed the directives and guidelines and have opened up many of the permanent rides and determined the rides for the next five calendar weeks. These are a mix of BA and BRM rides to allow riders of all levels of fitness to resume riding and build back up to longer distances.

Permanent Registrations for Saturday May 15th.

For Permanent rides for Saturday 15th May, you must register before 11:59PM on Friday 14th May. You cannot register for a ride on the day you intend to ride.

Gayle has advised that there are 10 available permanent rides in Far North Queensland with lengths between 50 and 200km.

For the remainder of the state, have a look at the list of Permanent rides available and contact the Ride Organiser beforehand to ensure your selection is available..

Our next Calendar ride is on Sunday May 17th. Registrations are open now.

Our first Calendar ride Strange Times is a BRM on Sunday May 16th, starting at 6:30am in Ashgrove on Sunday May 17th and is open to 10 Riders.

Far North Queensland Calendar rides

Due to the restrictions on gathering sizes and the large number of eager riders participating in Far North Queensland events, it is not practical to plan for these popular events at this time. Keep an eye out for any news for Far North Queensland. For keen FNQ cyclists, there are some permanent rides available.

Sunday March 17th – Strange Times – 200km BRM

6:30am start at Walton Bridge Lions Park Waterworks Rd. Ashgrove. This ride will seem strangely familiar to some as you ride via Samford to Woodford, Peachester and back to Ashgrove via the Peninsula. Open to 10 riders maximum.

Tuesday May 19th – River Loop Social Ride

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a socially distanced ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast somewhere in West End. Just turn up and ride, no booking necessary

Saturday May 23rd – Horizontal Hundred – 100Km BA

7:00am start at the Nundah Criterion track. A pleasant easy ride to Deception Bay and return. Open to 10 riders maximum

Saturday May 23rd – Derdnuh Latnoziroh – 100Km BA

7:15am start at the Nundah Criterion Track. If you missed the cut, you can ride this one – it is just as flat! Open to10 riders maximum.

Saturday May 23rd – Flat 50 – 50Km BA

7:30am start at the Nundah Criterion Track. A gentle re-introduction to the wonderful world of Audax. Open to 10 riders maximum.

Tuesday May 26th – River Loop Social Ride

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a socially distanced ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast somewhere in West End. Just turn up and ride, no booking necessary

More Calendar Rides

The ride calendar is being updated beyond May 26th so please visit the Audax Australia on-line calendar next week to see the future events. We will update you with more upcoming rides in the next Queensland Region updates so keep an eye out for it.

If you have any questions or suggestions please send them to qld.communications@audax.org.au

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