Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory and surrounding countryside are cycling nirvana.

Cycling is very popular in all its forms from road racing to touring to off-road mountain biking. Long-distance bicycle rides are an established part of the local scene.

There are many good rides available within the relatively small area of the “Territory”. Our rides generally cross the border into New South Wales, opening up a vast network of roads for cycling through very pleasant countryside. Most of the ACT Region’s Audax group reside in Canberra and nearby New South Wales. Many of the ACT Region Members are experienced and committed long-distance cyclists and are only too happy to assist new riders and offer advice and support.

Audax ACT Region rides include single-day rides or multi-day journeys, exploring areas such as the Riverina, the Central West, and the Southern Highlands.

Challenging rides in the NSW alpine areas include the Snowies Epic 300 which is usually calendared every two years and the extremely challenging Permanent, the Snowies 600km ride with 10,000 metres of climbing and 60 hours to complete.

Safety is a priority with organisers. Rides use quiet back roads and when this is not possible, main roads with wide safe shoulders.

Rides generally start in Canberra or within a short ride/drive of the city. Please contact the ride organiser at least 3 days before the ride to confirm your participation and to obtain details such as the start location and time. Feel free to contact the Rider Organiser beforehand to discuss any aspects such as difficulty, terrain, road types, and lighting requirements.

ACT Upcoming Rides

Upcoming rides for ACT for the next 28 days

Details of all scheduled rides are in the Audax Calendar

A Winter's Day Out – Full Series!
Watson – Sutton – then split depending on your ride selection 50BA, 150BA, 200BRM, 300BRM, 400BRM or 600BRM
Distances: 53km, 156km, 158km, 202km, 302km, 400km, 600km, 602km | ACT | BA
29 Jun
Canberra Ten Peaks
A challenging attack on Canberra’s close in peaks. Including Black Mountain, Dairy Farmers, Stromlo, Red Hill, Mt Pleasant, Majura and Ainslie and a bit of road distance to make up the Ton.
Distance: 106km | ACT | BA
07 Jul
Temora Weekend – Saturday
Day 1 of series of rides from Temora ranging in distances from 50 – 600kms
Distances: 50km, 103km, 200km, 300km, 406km, 600km | ACT | BA
13 Jul
Temora Weekend – Sunday
Day 2 of more fairly flat loops starting from Temora
Distances: 50km, 101km, 201km | ACT | BA
14 Jul
TransOz #4
An Audax Australia 4000km transcontinental unsupported randonnée from the Indian Ocean in the west to the Pacific in the east, commencing Fremantle in Western Australia, finishing Bondi Beach in New South Wales.
Distance: 4000km | ACT | LRM
15 Jul

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Updated Policies 2024
On 4 Jun 2024, the National Committee approved updates to 4 Regulations, Rules and Policies: Audax Australia Regulations An update to the Regulations was approved: Audax Australia Ride Rules The Ride Rules were updated to align Audax Australia brevets with the new ACP BRM Rules: Audax Australia Awards Policy The Awards Policy was updated to […]
Thomas Price
05 Jun
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Audax SA RAIDed
Some fellow Audaxians have visited SA recently: Chris Rogers, Steve Squire, Tim Taylor and Phil Giddings. All from Victoria, they were here to ride a couple of RAIDs, which are multi-day rides with a minimum distance of 400km (sealed) or 300 km (unsealed). Their RAIDs were: Chris and the boys were hoping to complete the […]
James Litt
13 May
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Change to the ACP Super Randonneur Award
ACP is the governing body for BRM rides and has recently issued a change to the Super Randonneur Award. This award is earned by any rider who completes a series of brevets ( BRM 200, 300, 400, and 600 KM) in the same calendar year. adapted from Article 13 BRM Rules-for-rider-2024.pdf This change is effective immediately. This means for […]
Thomas Price
07 Apr
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New Audax Australian Ride Medallions for 2024
Audax Australia is pleased to release the new Audax Australia Ride Medallion Series for 2024 – 2027.The new medallions are now available to purchase with select ride entries. Note – If you purchase an Audax Medal (Of any type) when you enter a ride and you are unable to complete the ride, the cost of the […]
Thomas Price
15 Feb
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Audax Australia AGM 2024 Summary
Audax Australia AGM 2024 Summary The 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election of National Committee Members was held on 6 Feb 2024 President’s Report: refer to Audax Australia AGM Minutes 20240206 Treasurer’s Report: please contact us Result of Elected Positions: AGM Minutes: Audax Australia AGM Minutes 20240206 Brian Hornbyacting Secretary
Thomas Price
12 Feb
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Updated Awards Policy 2023
Audax Australia Award Policy A minor update to the Award Policy was approved at the December National Committee meeting:
Thomas Price
20 Dec
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Notice of 2024 Audax Australia AGM
Notice of 2024 Audax Australia AGM The Annual General Meeting of the Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc will be held on: The AGM will be hosted: To attend the AGM you must register to allow for the provision of services.Registration: Members who have registered will receive access details via email before the meeting. Election […]
Thomas Price
13 Dec
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Award Applications Are Open
Award Applications Are Open Applications for Audax Australia awards are now open. Guidelines for Audax Australia Awards are located on the Audax website: How to apply for Audax Awards Award Application Periods Awards can only be submitted between 14 October 2023 and 8 December 2023 with the following caveats: Regards, Mark LloydAwards
Thomas Price
16 Oct
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Audax Australia in the Press
Two recent press articles:
Thomas Price
21 Sep

For information on all calendar rides go to the Audax Calendar.
For information on all feature rides go to Feature Rides.

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Great Southern Randonnée (GSR)
The seventh edition of the GSR will be held on Monday the 14th of October 2024. 
14 Oct 24
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The Flèche Opperman 24h Trial (The Oppy)
The Fleche Opperman All Day Trial (or “The Oppy”) is a 24-hour team time trial held annually by Audax Australia. Teams of three to five riders must ride together.
23 Mar 24
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Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP)
PBP is held every four years. The next running of this premiere randonneuring event will be held in August 2027.
20 Aug 23
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2022 Perth-Augusta-Perth (PAP)
A 1200 km ride through some of the best cycling country in south-west WA.
10 Oct 22
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Sydney-Melbourne (SM1200)
The Sydney Melbourne 1200 is likely to be held next in 2025.
03 Apr 22
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Australian Super Randonnées
The Super Randonnée is a special class of permanent managed by Provence Randonneurs.It is a 600km ride with at least 10,000m of climbing, to be completed either: Super Randonnées are permanent rides, hence can be ridden anytime (season permitting). Australian Super Randonnées Three Super Randonnée rides exist in Australia. Victoria High Plains The first Super Randonnée in […]
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Australian RAIDs
Audax Australia’s RAIDs are in the spirit of cycle touring using the Pyrenees and Alps RAIDs as prime examples.Similar to European RAIDs, Australian RAIDs showcase inspiring cycle touring routes in Australia. The RAID rules are included in the Audax Australia Ride Rules Registrations are via Rides > Permanents Register. Audax Australia’s premier RAIDs include: The Mawson Trail […]
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For more ride reports go to Ride Reports.

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5 BPs in 5 regions and a bucket list tick
What do you do when you have an urgent family issue that is 2000km away and your non-riding significant other is unable to fly due to recent medical procedures? Obviously, the answer is drive. We had a week or so of getting the thumbs up from the medics for the road travel so I prepared […]
John McMullan
06 Sep 23
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Capital Parliamentary Triangle
This was a ride I had meant to do over Christmas, but couldn’t quite fit in. The Boy, rather over me going off for long rides, had said he wanted to do another audax. A weekend trip to Canberra meant the opportunity to do this ride, which is largely off road. So a ride was […]
Andrew Taafe
29 Feb 20
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Canberra Parliamentary Triangle Permanent (2019)
A 50km permanent ride in Canberra around Lake Burley Griffin and through the parliamentary triangle to the Old Parliament House and Parliament House. Mostly bike paths and on-road cycle lanes. Oh yeah, a brewery stop too.
Russell Noble
11 Nov 19
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