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2022 Perth-Augusta-Perth (PAP)

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The Audax WA feature ride in 2022 will be a semi-supported 1,200km randonnée starting in Perth and heading south riding through some of the most scenic country WA has to offer. While it follows a little of the route of the Perth-Albany-Perth ride, it offers a change of scenery for long time PAP riders with the route taking in Augusta.

The Perth-Augusta-Perth ride is scheduled to start at 5am Monday 10 October 2022.

1,000km and 200km rides are also on offer.

Registration is now open. Click here to register. Registration closes 7 October.

Ordering from the PAP kit store is now CLOSED..

FB group: Perth-Augusta-Perth

Email contact: PAP 2022 (pap@audax.org.au)

Before the Ride & What to bring (TBA)
Key Dates
  • Ordering PAP kit: Order window closes Friday 15 July.
  • Registration close: 7 October 2022 11.55pm
  • Ride start: 10 October 5am
Safety: Helmets, Lighting & Reflective Gear

All riders must comply with Audax Australia Ride Rules and Western Australian Road Laws as they apply to cyclists.

It is mandatory in Western Australia to wear a helmet when cycling, have correct lighting on your bike, and ride only two abreast on roads and single file on bike paths.

It is also mandatory in the dark (common sense in low light levels) to have a flashing or steady white light on the front of the bicycle and a flashing or steady red light on the rear of the bicycle that is clearly visible for at least 200 metres. A red reflector is required on the rear of the bicycle that is visible for at least 50m when light is projected onto it by a vehicle’s headlight on low beam. Additional information on mandatory requirements can be found here.

Audax Australia strongly recommends that a spare front and rear light is carried and that reflective clothing is also worn at night and at times of low visibility.

Safety: Hazards – Road & Wildlife


Obviously extreme caution should be used when using the shoulder on high speed limit roads and the freeway. Riders should be particularly alert for passing large trucks and road trains.

Some roads and the small section of the route on the freeway will have large trucks and road trains travelling on them (trucks with up to three trailers). If you see an oncoming truck, check behind you. If there is traffic coming up from your rear you may find it safer to pull well over. If a road train is approaching from behind pulling well over is encouraged. Make the decision quickly and decisively ensuring that you do not slip on any loose materials on the road shoulder. Be aware of the wind blast and dirt stirred up from trucks as they overtake. If a pilot vehicle in front of a wide load comes up behind you, pull over until the load is passed. Trucks may not always be able to give you a wide berth so be aware of the truck’s inability to move into the opposite lane.

Wildlife & Stock

It is unlikely that Western Australia wildlife will outright attack you unless you provoke it by stepping, sitting or walking on/in to it (e.g. snakes, bull ants, spider webs). That said if you are a mosquito magnet or don’t like flies then have insect repellent handy (tropical strength with deet generally works).

You may encounter various forms of wildlife including, but not limited to, kangaroos, emus, rabbits, possums, bandicoots (quenda), wombats, and various night birds. Any of these encounters will add to your ride experience.

You are more likely to encounter wildlife during the hours from dusk through to dawn. i.e. the hours of low light or darkness.

Kangaroos are the most common danger. If you have not had first-hand experience with wild ranging kangaroos then the word ‘unpredictable’ is the most pertinent. High speeds on a bicycle (downhill) in low light present the highest risk to the rider. Even multiple high mounted lights may not be enough to prevent collision, depending on the proximity and direction of travel of the approaching ‘roo. It is advisable to limit speeds in these situations especially in areas of forest and more particularly, well vegetated areas adjacent to open grassy areas such as farms which also provide reliable water sources. If you see a ‘roo in close proximity do not attempt to predict its transit and realise that there will almost always be at least one more ‘roo that you can’t see at that moment. If the ‘roo is on the road don’t attempt to ride around it.

You may also encounter stock (cattle, sheep), foxes, wombats, emu, or possums crossing or standing on or along side the road. On warmer days snakes may cross or sunbake on roads or the bike paths. If safe to do so, ride around the animal or wait for it to cross.

You may encounter a Bandicoot (Quenda) and rabbits if riding on the Freeway Principle Shared Path. The Bandicoots are quite small (rabbit size or smaller) and like rabbits can be very unpredictable.


Based on past PAPS held in October (Spring) and BOM data, it is likely you will experience both dry and wet cycling conditions with day temperatures being mild to cool (low to mid teens to mid 20’s) although low 30’s is also possible and cold to very cold nights (to below 1 degree).


In October 2021, Perth minimum temperatures varied between 4.7 & 15.5 degrees. Maximum varied between 17.6 and 33.2 degrees.

Nannup (Nearest weather station Bridgetown)

Nannup is likely to be slightly cooler than Bridgetown. In October 2021, Bridgetown minimum temperatures varied between 0.4 and 13.6 degrees. Maximum varied between 14 and 27.4 degrees.


In October 2021, Collie minimum temperatures varied between -0.2 and 14.3 degrees. Maximum varied between 14.5 and 27.2 degrees.

Augusta (Cape Leeuwin)

In October 2021, Augusta which is right on the coast and windy most days, experienced minimum temperatures varied between 8.4 and 115.5 degrees. Maximum varied between 15.2 and 23.6 degrees.

Ride Organiser: Wayne Hickman


Perth to first overnight sleep control in Nannup. From Nannup, cycle through tall timber country to Manjimup then Pemberton before arriving at the coastal town of Augusta. Then on through Margaret River wine country returning to Nannup for a sleep on the 2nd night. Pedal onto Bridgetown, Boyup Brook, Kojonup, Darkan to a third overnight in Collie. From Collie onto Harvey, then a flat cycle back through Mandurah following the cycle path to Perth.

1207km Route: RWGPS route link (subject to tweeking at this early stage)

Shorter routes, 1000km and 200km, are also on offer.

Photos: some of the sights, road conditions, locations and what you can expect along the route. (Some photos from PAP 2018, including images taken by A. Preston.)

Detailed description (some details may change slightly but you will get the idea)

Day 1 – Monday 10 October

Starting at the Observation Deck in South Perth. The stunning Perth City lights will be on display across The Swan River. Taking the PSP (Principal Shared Path) out of Perth for about 30km then onto quiet back roads through dairy farming country.

54km Mundijong where you can refuel at the local IGA. Dairy farms through to Pinjarra (100km) and a well earned coffee at the Dome or one of the many bakeries. 44km to Yarloop where a mobile control will be waiting for you with some snacks. Harvey is only another 13km on which has cafes, bakeries & a couple of IGAs.

Lots more dairy farms until Australind & back into built up areas. You will get views of the ocean and estuary before the large town of Bunbury (213km) with lots of cafes to choose from. Following the Ocean Rd for 4km then heading inland you will pass some fast food shops on way out.

242 km Dardenup. Last chance to top up water bottles for a while, shop maybe open or maybe not open. 252km Ferguson Valley Hall has toilet on right and water if you need. 262km Gnomesville a surprise to take your mind off all them damn hills.

Farm land gives way to forrest areas for a while on back roads to Kirup. Kirup to Balingup (14km) has a 110km speed limit in places so exercise caution along here. Balingup has a couple of cafes but they may be closed. When its quiet the country shops tend to close early.

The road to Nannup follows the Blackwood River … very scenic but also lumpy. 355km Nannup and a well earned sleep and hot food awaits you.

Day 2 – Tuesday 11 October

You will be riding through some of the best tall timber country WA has to offer.

413km Manjimup. 455km Pemberton & a very good bakery. 520km there maybe a secret control, there maybe food, there maybe water, there maybe vollies to give you lots of hugs and encouragement.

Perth-Augusta-Perth 2022 Route

You will be riding on quiet roads for most of the day until Augusta (579km), cafes, bakery & BP Servo, even a pub if you are in need of bigger refreshment! Again be prepared for early closures. A small loop around Augusta to give you some estuary and ocean views & maybe even the lighthouse.

Its head down bum up time to get you to Margaret River in time for a feed at one of the many food establishments on offer. More dairy farms onto Rosa Brook Road which runs onto Mowen Road then bush & more bush & more bush all the way back to Nannup (698km).

Day 3 – Wednesday 12 October

After a good sleep with a belly full of food you will warm your legs up with a couple of small (ur) climbs out of Nannup. Very nice scenery of farms, timber & Australian bush all the way to a very nice decent into Bridgetown (744km). Lots of cafes, bakeries to top up your bellies then onto Boyup Brook (755km). Choice of cafes, pub & IGA for some pocket food for the long stretch ahead.

860km Kojonup bakery and cafes up … yes I’m sorry up the main street. Out of Kojonup and a left turn has you back onto quiet country farm roads to Darkin (942km). Head down bum up time for the ride to Collie (1005km) and hot delicious food and well earned sleep at the control.

Day 4 – Thursday 13 October

Collie to the finish is 200km, the first 40km out of Collie is through forrest and bush with a few lumps to keep your legs warm. Nice long downhill off the scarp then tha’ts all the hills behind you woohoo.

Harvey again, you were here on the way out 160km mark, remember where the bakery, cafe, IGA & Servo are. You will be cycling past dairy farms. Remember to look out for grape vines. There is a couple of kms on the Forrest Highway so make sure you ride in the hard shoulder as this has heavy traffic and a 110km speed limit.

Old Coast Rd brings you to Estuary Drive which has great views of the Peel Estuary and glimpses of Mandurah. The Leprechan Cafe(if open) makes a nice rest stop with toilets opposite. Around the Peel Inlet, under a bridge and follow the coast line all the way to Mandurah. Lots of cafes, bakeries, shops, toilets. Nice ice-cream shop with great assortment of flavours on the eastern foreshore. Gordon Road takes you to Mandjoogoordap Drive again ride in hard shoulder. Then onto PSP cycle path all the way back to Perth. There is a big BP servo at the 1167km mark if you are in need of food,drink, toilets.

Finish at the Bell Tower on the opposite side of Swan River from the start.

Registration for the 1205km, 1000km or the 200km routes is now open. Register here.

Registration closes 7 October 2022.


1205km $500

1000km $500

200km $16

This is a semi-supported ride.

Riders will be provided with breakfast & supper at the sleep controls (Nannup & Collie).

Luggage will be transported to the sleep controls and your mattress will be pumped up for you.

Planning is underway so more details to follow.

Audax WA’s feature ride in the past has taken a Perth-Albany-Perth (PAP) route showing off 1,200km of some of WA’s best and most scenic cycling country. Below are ride reports from previous feature rides.

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