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Qld Oppy 2021

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Oppy 2021 Finishers below (in no particular order)

“In no particular order” because Audax is non-competitive and all awards are for participation. The Oppy is the only event with a hint of competitiveness, such that there is even a mythical “Oppy Shield” for the record distance ridden in Australia each year. However, it is not known if the actual physical shield exists or not. In this spirit, the record distances ridden in Queensland each year are also noted.

In 2021 the Qld record for the longest distance ridden by an All Female team was broken by team Chickoppy: 431k. This was an awesome ride completed under difficult circumstances. They lost a member due to illness shortly before the start and then a collision between two riders at the 100k mark sent one to hospital with the other continuing with a massive bruise on their leg to complete with the remaining three riders. Chapeau Chickoppy!  (ride report here)

Additional pics and ride reports for FNQ can be found here.

Qld records broken in 2021

Chickoppy: Qld Record All Female (431k)

Most Qld Oppy Riders: 70 (5 Oppy, 11 Petit Oppy teams)

In the Flèche: Qld Petit Oppy Record (229k)

Easyriders: Qld Petit Oppy All Male Record (227k)

BVRTease: Qld Petit Oppy Most Dirt Ridden (194k)

Post Pandemic Plodders: Qld Oppy Least Elevation (641m / 100k)

Pub crawlers: Qld Petit Oppy Most Pub Stops (6 claimed, 5 homologated)

The Comeback Kids: Most Riders in a team since 1995 (7: 2 tandems, 3 singles)

Five School Day IPAs……Cheers: Special Qld Petit Oppy Most Pub Stops runner-up & Best Team Name & Best Team photo


Oppy 2021 Finishers:

Are We There Yet(362k): Nathan, Chris, Adam, Juanita


Cycloppys (361k): Ral Dover(c), Colin Canfield, Mark Harris, Francis Lim, Thomas Matyja


Cairns OFIL Oppy (361k):  Sean, Helius, Kevin, Mike, Warren 

Post Pandemic Plodders (360k) Brian Hornby(c), Kendall Trembearth, Peter Watson

Chickoppys (431k): Tania Gover(c), Tara Partridge, Nakita Brown (Ride Report)

Petit Oppy 2021 Finishers:

Pirates in Tight Pants (180k): Stan, Steve, Bob, Rex, Tony 

Easyriders (227k): John McMullan(c), Heath Carney, Peter Lovell, Scott McCarthy

Surecrank Redemption (184k): Deb, Lloyd, Mikey, Ray, Peter 

Petit Oppytune (191k): Lisa Stanhope(c), Ruth Brown, Vlasta Gall, Sharon Jewell

Bike Bitches (196k): Jane, Trudi, Mary Ann, Stefan

BVRTease (194k): Peter Jenkins(c), Vaughan Kippers, David Taylor, Dean Tummers, Bob Wagner (Ride Report)

The Comeback Kids (180k): Chris, Cheryl, Liliana, Matt, Gayle, David, Connie 

In the Fleche (229k): Tara Horner(c), Maddison Bowyer, Sonia Maddy, Michelle McCue

Five School Day IPAs…..Cheers Paul, Chrissy, Peter, Anita, Darren

Oppymistic Boys (180k): Kym Ayling(c), Mitchell Simpson, Chris Williams

Pub Crawlers (181k): Anthony Richardson(c), Chris Groves, Mick Haywood, Chris Richardson

See you in 2022!