Ride Report

Fleche Opperman

With  sense of personal achievement (my longest ever ride), I write this ride report of a great 400km ride. Of course this could not have been achieved without the support of “Team 62” in today’s Flêche Opperman event .

The journey was bookended with a cold 8.60° foggy Mt. Lofty start & the mesmerising Ochre colour of the setting gibbous moon, shining over the Glenelg Esplanade. Running like a colourful thread throughout the day, were the orange cliffs of the aimlessly meandering, Murray river with the Lofty range spanning the Western sky. The westbound Walker Flat road made me despondent in the buffeting  cross winds & by the time we made the Sanderson Climb at 🜂471m (Angus Valley road), I had wasted energy fighting the climb, to vent my frustration.

Angus prepared a great afternoon meal on the Walker Flat riverfront, with the scintillating orange cliffs as a backdrop. We reached Mt  Pleasant in the dark, to be served cake, beer & coffee by James. The two of them made for a wonderful day. 

In Team Audax style the group rode mostly “as one” and the mutual help was uplifting. Thanks to Div for helping with my four thorn punctures, Mike for dropping back when someone slowed, Elbert for his sudden fast catch-ups & to Nick for a steady ride.