Ride Report

Esk At Night 2022

Audax Theme

As always the Esk at Night is a fully supported Audax ride with a 100km. 200km and 300km option. 16 riders over the 3 distances but this time only 2 for the full 300km. Starting at 14.00 from Esk the first 2 sections can be hot and this time it was not too hot, only got to 31deg C but the wind was from the party so nice when its in the back, cross wind was tricky at some spots and headwind to the first control at Somerset 57km. Kym the RO and John had everything ready for for us. A quick snack and water stop for me and back on the road return to Esk for the 2nd stop 112km, more wind along the way and the first shower on the return into Esk.

Kym and John had the tables set again and even a sausage sizzle going by the time I got there #superjob, but I opted for a bread role and a few snacks, filled up the water bottles and of we went, next stop at Lowood 168km where John was mending the post. Some more rain along the way and the climb over Glamorgan Vale Rd before the stop made it a slower leg with the Ave Speed dropping a little. 4th leg was a short one from Lowood to Lowood for the 200km control point, except for some more rain there was not much else to report for this leg. An other bread role and a few snacks and of we went again. 5the control was Plainland 252km, picked up the pace a little along some more dead (hard rolling) roads dogging the frogs who had a ball with all the rain I think, it was great to see the moon sneaking out from behind the clouds a few time. Last leg back to Esk, some more rain along the rolling roads but managed to keep the pace descent and finished at 01.29 in the morning.