Ride Report

Equinox ramble

⛞ 22% of GRAVEL ROADS including: Harvey Rd. Hay Rd, Old Bull creek rd, Nicol rd, Dry Plains rd, James track, Blockers rd, Wakefield rd. 


č Simon Macklin, James Litt & Scott McCann.


“…This was the inaugural Audax club’s “Equinox Ramble”. The ride consisted of 22% of gravel, was created & the recon done by Shayne Husson. The initial climb of the new Flagstaff bike path, was done in the cool of the dawn on cold legs & made the start quite sluggish. By the time we reached the descent into Clarendon, the morning colour changes had become motivating. The descent into the smooth & fast Baker’s gully road led us to the very pretty Peter’s Creek road, then the gravel sections. Most of the off-road was quite achievable on 25mm tyres, even with the ‘ululations’ of Dry plains road. The potholes, the corrugations, the loose gravel & shallow sand drifts of James’s Track were easily avoidable & the steep inclines eventually gave us great Ocean views. After Myponga, the gravel sections of Blockers road & Wakefield road (high on the Willunga escarpment) gave us tremendous views of the vineyard plains. James, Myself & Simon had matched paces in most situations, so it kept the small but upbeat group together. Simon’s prowess on the dirt, had us trundling behind at times. Scott rode solo as our Lantern Rouge (Audax rides can be solo or group efforts).

I wish to thank everyone for the ride & Shayne for his route planning. Jame’s ride leadership was encouraging as ever & he continually perused the group. The attention to safety in Audax rides is “top notch” as always.  The route was excellent except for the use of Port Elliott road but it was probably necessary to remain within checkpoint cutoff times. To ride in warm weather with mostly very marginal wind fetch, made the ride easier & comfortable. A soft Tailwind on the Veloway to Darlington was a great way to finish. Scott, i hope you missed any night riding. Thanks all…”