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Cold Blow 300

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Cold Blow 300.

Oatlands is know for it interesting weather, a gateway to know if it’s going to be nice up North or Down South.

Luckily we had some great Autumn weather, when people think Audax it usually conjures up 400 or 600km rides. But a raid offers a different experience, measured in days rather than speed it’s a good chance to do a longer tour type of ride.

We had a somewhat uneventful ride to Oatlands, in that no punctures or emergencies. Except for the long climb up and the little detour of the aptly named cold Blow road.

We all met at Oatlands at around 4pm, an alcoholic beverage was had while pondering our next move. Do we wait till pub meals open at 5:30 and then risk loosing motivation of carrying on. After some deliberation we decided to hit the iga for supplies. A good selection was had, 2 x hot hooks, rolls, chips, iced choc, iced coffee, muesli bars and chocolate.

We rolled out of Oatlands and managed to get to the Football ground as night fell. Football changerooms are somewhat luxury, even if someone didn’t have a sleeping bag and slept in a garbage bag……

The chooks were stripped bare, rolls made with some prepared for the next day and talk of bed time and then the all dreaded wakeup time. 4:30am it was, but the exit light kept a bright watch over us at night and then boom the alarm.

We rolled out in the dark at 5:40am, a fresh morning dew around and keeping an eye out for wildlife. Before we knew it it was light and we were in the short cut to the east coast. Whilst not a well travelled road and a bit rough we made good time and before we knew it we were sitting g on the east coast highway tucking into a chook roll with chips.

I did slash tire through the rough section, the sealant did seal but not for long so had to put in a tube. But luckily caught up.

With a slight tailwind we made good time to Triabunna, a quick stop to top up the water bottles and talk of what was on the menu at Orford.

Pancakes, vanilla slice 😋  the iga had a visit as well as we knew we needed to stock up for the trip back through Weilangta Rd.

The road around Reban delays the inevitable the long slow climbs through forestry territory, we made the Bream Creek Rd turn-off and may quick time through to Dunalley. 300km with over 180km unsealed in just over 32 hours.

A fait bit of banter and talk of planning a few more like this over winter.

Give a raid a try..