Ride Report

Capital Parliamentary Triangle

Audax Theme

This was a ride I had meant to do over Christmas, but couldn’t quite fit in. The Boy, rather over me going off for long rides, had said he wanted to do another audax. A weekend trip to Canberra meant the opportunity to do this ride, which is largely off road. So a ride was scheduled in on Saturday afternoon to be followed by dinner with the grandparents. The trip didn’t start well with the car battery dying and delaying leaving for an hour and a half. This also meant we were now going to be dropped at the start and picked up, also getting our cycling gear on at Marulan. Starting from Dickson we wound our way down the shared paths through inner north Canberra. Hitting the west side of town, it’s amazing how much it has changed, since I lived there. Over the bridge at Parkes Way and down to the lakes edge. The first CP is on Black Mountain Peninsula. It was warmish so lots of people out and taking advantage of the day Towards Commonwealth Avenue bridge Onwards to the next CP we roll down towards Scrivener Dam. The Boy comments “I hope the Dam Busters don’t show up”, as do I. Around past the Governor General’s residence to Yarralumla peninsula and our second CP. We look back across the lake at where we have just been. Only the spire of Telstra Tower visible behind Black Mountain Peek a boo We then proceed past the Siev X memorial. This was something I’d never known about. It’s quite well done, poignant without being depressing. The Seat of Power was the next stop and the only on-road section. A loop of parliament, was very peaceful, only interrupted by a (widely) passing bus. The Boy was fascinated by the size of the flag. An irregular rider The Boy’s backside was beginning to suffer, necessitating increasing “butt breaks” eating into our time buffer. Down from Capital Hill to the lake again brought us to Kingston Foreshore, a previously industrial area now home to many residences and cafes, restaurants and bars. No time for a coffee, but we did make time to look at a swan that was nesting in the area. The next to final stop was the brewery. The Boy by this stage was starting to lose his rag. Forced some food into him, hoping he was mostly hangry. I am here but I am not happy about it The final dash to the finish provided the distraction of bunny counting and snapped front gear lever (awesome) and more “butt breaks”. Back up through the inner north, we were really pushing the time. With 500 metres to go the stoker was reduced to sobbing. Back to the finish with five minutes in hand. The closest of our three cut-off times. Ten minutes later, having got off the bike and chosen his post ride treat, Sprite and a Magnum, all was right with the world. A pleasant little course, well worth trying. Thanks to Russell for putting it together