Ride Report

Big Buckley’s 300

After following the buzz of those audacious Aussies in the lead up to this year’s PBP, I figured that if I was ever going to emulate this sort of amazingly absurd feat then I better start riding beyond my standard 100 to 200k comfort zone.

What better way to be brave than to do it on a relatively flat ride like Big Buckley’s!

So to the average seasoned Audax legend reading this post, a flat 300k might not seem a big deal … but it was to me!

I experienced a number of firsts on this ride;

  • First time I have ridden through the country side on the west of the bay. Impressively beautiful and quiet roads.
  • Not the first time on the ferry but the first time I have used a ferry hand drier to try and warm up.
  • First time I have ridden by the georgeous You Yangs …. I will be back to explore them in greater detail.
  • First time I have ridden through a big disgruntled mob of St. Kilda supporters leaving the MCG.
  • First time I have ever eaten a microwave pasta meal from a service station. It was perfect.
  • And …. first time I have ever ridden 300km!

Trying to dry out on the Queenscliff ferry

Pictured above is me trying to dry some gear out while crossing the bay. In hindsight, the socks on the table are not a good look! Sorry.

Thanks to Thomas Price for hosting this ride. The route was superb and while I have done quite a bit of riding in and around places like Geelong, it was such a thrill discovering new and wonderfully safe and quiet roads. I guess that this is one of the real bonuses of being an Audax member – getting to share from the experience of others.

So my next step will be to knock off a 400! 

Stay tuned.