Ride Report

WA: Coolup Loop

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Ride Officer/Report Primary Author: Perry Raison

This ride was a night ride starting at Deep Water Point (DWP), Mt Pleasant. The route headed south on the principal shared path (PSP) with the 100km group turning around at Paganoni Road, while the 200km riders continued via Pinjara to loop near Coolup before riding the same route back. It was about 29 degrees at 4pm when the group headed south into a 20kmh SW breeze.

  • Nine current members, one re-joining member, and two temporary members. More than 20% turnout of the Audax WA current membership of 44 members.
  • Nine riders (Alexander, Colin, Hitesh, Kym, Murray, Nick, Tim & myself) completed the 200km brevet. One rider had an early mechanical but quickly got going again.
  • Three riders (Gary, John & Julie) completed the 100km brevet.

100km group

The 100km BA trio rode down the PSP to Paganoni Road before returning and riding the same route back to DWP.  As Perth cyclist’s know, the PSP around Cockburn Central has been subject to closures for many months. Some of the detour routes ridden that afternoon were more direct (quicker) than others.

Gary kindly waited at the ride’s control point, BP’s Baldivis Service Centre, and the trio returned to DWP as a group with Gary leading John & Julie back via the shortest detour around the PSP closure. Gary claimed an injured leg but still set a pace that stretched John and Julie. With the cooler temperature and a light wind of no consequence, the trio reported that it was a really pleasant evening ride.

In case some members are unaware, when entering the Baldivis Service Centre via the cycle path, there is a garden tap beside the entry path near the outdoor seating area.  It provides tap (drinkable) water and has been used by multiple riders to top up their water bottles so the water quality is confirmed as ok.

200km group

The original 200km route that would have taken the riders along Burnside Road and Coolup Road East was modified due to bridge works closing Burnside Road. The route ridden was more of an out and back course with a loop still through Coolup.

As mentioned, the group started with the temperature at about 29 degrees.  It trended down to the high teens on the ride back with a light Southerly tailwind.

 Wildlife sightings

Perry Raison sighted a live snake on the road at the intersection of Fishermans Rd and Brownes Lane – his first snake sighting in darkness during many Audax brevets. Also two foxes sighted in the Pinjarra/Coolup area and a couple of riders saw Quendas on the return Freeway PSP leg.

On their ‘Extra Coolup Loop’ Alex, Hitesh and Tim also avoided riding over a snake which they said may have been run over by a following 4WD.

Navigation note

Even on a relatively simple route it is easy to make a mistake in the dark if the roads are not familiar and a GPS route is being followed. It is often better to have a mental note of key distances or be able to quickly consult a cue sheet in the dark. Small velcroed alligator clips can be purchased from Abbotsford Cycles in Melbourne for the purposes of mounting a cue sheet in a zip lock bag on your handlebars. http://www.abbotsfordcycles.com.au/cue-clip_b21