Ride Report


The “211 Wellington Flyer” had a good turnout of 16 upbeat riders, who departed to the drizzle of the Adelaide Hills. Whilst not forecasted, the 300m altitude drop beyond the Wistow cafe stop, dropped us below the moist clouds to dry roads with moderate winds. At one point I thought I had headstem problems but the downhill chill had made my arms shake & created a steering shimmy. On the plains it was 4° warmer (sun temperature 27°C) & Shayne Husson did a great job of even pacing the group into the wind. I kept dropping off the back but my mood lifted when I took my turn at the front. On the way we passed the indefatigable Scott & David Liddel who completed the course solo. Both of them made the cutoff time & the main group did 11:06 hrs  at an average moving speed of about 23kmh. Anyone doing this ride solo in these conditions, is to be commended for their efforts. 

Elbert did a perfect job of leading the ride, with clear safety information, humour & regular re-grouping. His verbal directions for those without maps were invaluable. 

On balance the ride was spirited & our final group “211” of six riders, were still upbeat towards the end. Thanks everybody