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Victoria and Tasmania have operated a program to thank ride organisers and volunteers by providing vouchers which can be used to discount ride entry. To ensure our ride organisers and volunteers across the whole club receive the same benefits a proposal was accepted to create a single national voucher system. The national system will be consistent across the regions and not create a financial burden on the smaller regions as it will be funded by the club as a national initiative. This program is consistent with our non-for-profit status and returns a benefit to members who actively contribute to the club.

How The System Will Work

  • Vouchers will be awarded to ride organisers of calendared rides, where riders other than the ride organiser participate. They are not awarded for permanent ride organisers.
  • Voucher may be awarded to volunteers on supported rides who, in the opinion of the ride organiser, have made a significant contribution.
  • The vouchers will be funded by the National account.
  • Ride vouchers will have a nominal value of up to $25 on a single use basis for ride entry fees only. Should a voucher be used on a ride entry of less than $25 then the balance is forfeited. The vouchers cannot be used for purchasing badges, patches, accommodation or any other product from the club. (Vouchers may be applied to ride entry, temporary membership if required, and support).
  • Most vouchers are single use, however where a ride organiser runs a series of rides over multiple days a multi-use voucher may be issued, with one use issued per day of riding.
  • Ride vouchers will need to be used within three years of issue upon which time they expire.
  • Vouchers may also be unavailable for entry to some signature rides.
  • Ride vouchers are transferable. eg. A non riding spouse could transfer vouchers to a partner or friend. This will also be a great way to introduce friends to the Audax club.
  • Vouchers are created when the brevet secretary processes a RORT submitted by the ride organiser. Once the voucher is created then an email is generated to the ride organiser giving him or her the voucher code.
  • The voucher code can be used when registering for a ride through the Audax portal.
  • Audax members can check their available vouchers by logging into the portal, selecting Rides menu then My Vouchers.

The system will be backdated to the 1st of November 2017 and state Brevet Secretaries will create vouchers for those rides which have already occurred.

I would like to thank George Judkins and Peter Donnan without whose help this system could not have been implemented.

Garry Wall
Audax Australia