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RAID rides have returned

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RAID rides have returned

Planning your upcoming rides?
It’s official, RAID rides are back on the menu!

  • The revised Audax Australia Ride Rules include updated RAID rules
  • Both Calendar and Permanent RAIDs can now be created and registered in the portal. The processes are the same as typical Calendar and Permanent rides. 
  • The Audax Australia Awards Policy has also been updated as RAIDs now count for annual and lifetime cumulative distance awards.  

The revised RAID rides are intended to be in the spirit of cycle touring with the Pyrenees and Alps RAIDs as prime examples. Similar to European RAIDs, Australian RAIDs are intended to showcase inspiring cycle touring routes in Australia. Some of the iconic RAIDs now available include:

  • The Mawson Trail – 900 km from Adelaide to Blinman SA
  • Munda Biddi Trail – 1100 km from Mundaring to Albany WA
  • Murray River RAID – 1740 km from Thredbo NSW to Adelaide SA
  • Adelaide to Melbourne RAID – 1100 km (via the Great Ocean Road)

To see the current RAIDs and register for them

Become a Ride Organiser and you can develop your own Calendar or Permanent RAID.

A summary of the revised RAID rules include:

  • One control per day and no time limits on intermediate controls.
  • Minimum RAID distance is 400 km.
  • RAID average distance per day should be between 100 km and 200 km, less for unsealed sections.
  • RAID duration shall be counted in whole days (24 hrs).

If you have any queries, please contact