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PYRR Award Rule Change

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PYRR Award Rule Change

In October, the National Committee approved one change to the Petit Year Round Randonneur (PYRR) Award rules.

Previously the 12 rides (1 per calendar month) had an overall total of at least 600 km.
The change is that the 12 rides shall now have an overall total of at least 1200 km.
This is reverting to the original PYRR rules and is to encourage the riding of longer distances.

The PYRR Award Rules now read:

One ride of at least 50 km each calendar month (excluding Brevet Raid) for 12 consecutive months.
The 12 rides shall have an overall total of at least 1200 km.

The Audax Australia Awards Policy (12 Oct 2021) has been updated accordingly.


There shall be a period to allow the transition from the current rule requiring a 600km total to the new rule requiring a 1200km total.

  • All members have until 31 October 2022 to finish their PYRR with a 600km total
  • This means that the new PYRR with a 1200km total commences after November 2021.

Thomas Price
on behalf of the National Committee