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Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) is a 1200km randonnée from Paris to Brest on the west coast of France and back to Paris. PBP has become the most prestigious on the global randonneuring calendar and is aspired to by thousands of participants from all continents once every four years; the next PBP will be held on 16th August 2015. Click here to visit the official PBP website.

Alternatively, download the official PBP event flyer. Note this file is approximately 1.7MB, but is in English.

If you are thinking about going to PBP 2015 and would like to stay up to date with news about the event, preperation and qulification, subscribe to the club’s email list to get the latest information about the event.

Paris Brest Paris 2015 Bulletins from Audax Australia

Past bulletins archived for your reference:

Past Event Reports

The club’s magazine is a great source of information about all things Audax and especially Paris-Brest-Paris. The December 1995 edition is well worth a read, but if you have time to browse you might want to check out the magazine archive of Checkpoint back copies.

The Editions the Club Magazine in the summer following each PBP are mines of information about Australian experiences of PAP, as well as insights into the development of the club over 20 odd years. Check out the magzine archive. Look especially for Summer 2011-12, Summer 2007-08, Summer 2003-04, January 2000, December 1995, December 1991, and Aileen Martin’s article about starting and finishing with a not fully healed broken pelvis, December 1987, p6.


The registration period begins on June 06 and ends on July 14, 2015. Registrations can only be made through the PBP Web site. You can register before having completed the qualifying brevets, but you need to provide the missing brevet certification numbers on or before July 14 or your registration will be cancelled. More about the registration process


Preregistration is open to all riders who successfully completed a BRM (or a RM1200 and +) from November 2013 to October 2014. With your preregistration, you will reserve a place for the PBP 2015, as far as there are enough available places. You will have to convert your preregistration to a final registration before June 23, 2015 at midnight (French time) to preserve your preregistration. More about the preregistration process

Australian Finishers List

In 1981 Frank Brandon, Russell Moore and Stephen Poole became the fist Australians to take part in PBP since Oppy won the event back in 1931. Over the years many more Austalians have made the trip to France. For some this has become a regular visit. In 2011 Audax life member Peter Moore sucesfully completed his sixth PBP to become the most frequent Australian participant at that time; in 2015 Jonathan Page became the second Australian to have completed six PBPs. Click here to see the complete list of Australian finishers

History of PBP

Since its inception in 1891 PBP has evolved from a race designed to promote  newspaper, to a must do event for armature randonneurs the world over. To learn more about the events rich history click here.

The Other PBP

Those familiar with the Audax Club Parisien Paris-Brest-Paris may have noticed that for PBP 2011, the event was rebranded PBP Randonneur. The reason for this change was its coincidence with the Union des Audax Français’s PBP Audax. As distinct from free paced PBP Randonneur, the PBP Audax is a fixed pace group ride. The PBP Audax operates on a five year cycle as opposed to the four year cycle of PBP Randonneur. In 2011 Australians Nick Dale and David Minter successfully completed both versions of the event. The 20 year wait means that this could possibly be a once in a lifetime achievement. Click here to find out more about PBP Audax.

Other PBP Stories

“Thanks and Gratitude”, published in Checkpoint, Winter 1999 by Trevor King who completed PBP in 1999 with a broken pelvis

The Fifth Paris-Brest-Paris, an account of the 1931 race by Sir Hubert Opperman