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Perth Albany Perth 2014 Photos from Facebook

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If you’re not on Facebook you may have missed a lot of the photos from PAP. Here’s a small selection to wet your appetite for riding in the West.

Riding towards the Stirling Ranges, WA.

Michael James (L) rode the vollies ride then supported riders such as Hitoshi Yoshida (R).

So many volunteers made this possible. They had much more fun than the riders.

Wilson Toh thankful to have completed the Perth-Albany-Perth Audax 1229km ride just slightly under the 90 hours time limit!

What had started out as a cycling adventure had turned out to be such a humbling and life-changing experience. I will always hold these memories cycling through beautiful Western Australia dear to my heart.
Big thanks to Wayne Hickman, Alison McLernon, all your wonderful vollies and riders. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity and privilege of cycling with such an amazing group of cyclists and vollies from Perth-Albany-Perth-1200 who exhibit the best qualities of being randonneurs: endurance, selflessness and humility.

Michael Gass takes a moment to capture Andy (?) riding strongly.

Adam White (A.C.T.) with the full set of stamps. Done and dusted.

Craig & Andy with the Stirling Ranges as a backdrop.