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Online RORT Tool Replaces Spreadsheets

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As part of the commitment we made to simplifying and reducing administration burden we are now making available to all ride organisers the new Online RORT tool which is used to submit ride results.

Online RORT tool replaces the RORT Spreadsheet which has been used to submit results for many years. The Online RORT tool dramatically reduces the workload of brevet secretaries by removing unnecessary re-entry of data, copy and pasting and manual processes.

Our testing over the past months has found that for Ride Organisers and Brevet Secretaries it reduces work.

For riders it delivers faster notification of their homologations. The tool should now be used for all rides, and we will no longer process results from Excel RORT Spreadsheets.

You can access documentation for the tool in the Ride Organisers menu when you are logged in.

This is a direct link to the documentation: 

In the documentation you’ll also find links to videos which demonstrate the tool. At the bottom of the documentation is a Frequently Asked Questions section.

The tool is still evolving, it has limitations and we’re still fixing bugs but the overwhelming response has been positive. If you find bugs or need assistance please contact

The rides you run are the core of the club and we trust and hope that this new tool will make Audax administration just a little bit easier for you.