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Newsletter – August 12, 2018

I’m pushing this one out a few days early on account of the Ekka holiday on Wednesday. Lots of interesting things to read this time round including some great ride reports and various tech items including bike pumps (I have a few it seems), and a report on what looks like an interesting chain lubricant.

Rathdowney Rumble – Thomas Matyja

I’ve included potentially the most ridiculous “bike race” ever filmed. Strap yourself in for that one. And the investigation of the mysterious “Mr X”, the alleged hand behind the single file petition, a strange tale indeed.

Finally, there have been a number of accidents and one fatality on Brisbane roads in the past week, stay safe.


I guess by now we might have all seen or heard about this incident. Vaughan reports the rider, an acquaintance of his, suffered a dislocated right acromioclavicular (AC) joint on the side impacted by the kangaroo. On the left, her shoulder was bruised and she cracked a couple of ribs. She was riding near Boonah. Not fun and not something you would like to have happen to anyone.

On a lighter note may I present an excerpt from the ridiculous 80’s movie “Fantozzi contro tutti”. It’s a grand farce and rather than try and explain, you’ll just need to see it for yourself.


At this years tdf, Mike Tomalaris interviewed journalist Rupert Guiness who related his participation in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race – not once but twice.  Now you can hear Rupert’s story directly. It’s an interesting tale.

Rupert Guinness has been writing about cycling as a sports journalist for more than 30 years. In 2017 he decided to join the first ever Indian Pacific Wheel Race.

Dubbed ‘The Hunger Games on Wheels’ the race was a gruelling 5 000 kilometres from Fremantle to Sydney, with riders allowed no outside support.

But the race was cancelled after a tragic accident led to the death of British cyclist Mike Hall.

Like all other riders, Rupert was left asking himself some big questions about the sport of cycling, and what it meant to him and his family.

Listen here.


Stranger than fiction is the story of “Mr X” the shadowy figure behind a prominent Facebook cycling hate page and the infamous single file petition. The media were unable to track him down, but he is well known in cycling circles. Its a bizarre tale and maybe worth a read if you are curious.

Read more if you dare.


Tire inflation

I’ve cobbled together a table of the various tire inflation devices at my place with impressions. It may be of value to those of you contemplating a new pump at some point. It seems I like Silca products owing to a long association, but there are also less costly options worth considering as well.

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Chain lubrication

Last time round I divulged my five minute drivetrain maintenance tips. Since then I’ve become aware of what might be a more suitable chain lube and I plan on trying it out at some point in future. I’ll report back then.

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Handmade in Germany


Turns out Continental tires really are handmade in Germany.

Back in 1929, Conti merged with a rubber company that was already active in Korbach, and took over the production facilities. Since then, the halls have been buzzing with inexhaustible heating machines, which admittedly look a little tired due to their rust, but are kept stringently maintained and replaced when necessary.

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Ride Reports

Rathdowney Rumble – Thomas Matyja

There have been some cracking rides in the past few weeks. Sadly I’ve not been able to participate, but I have ride reports which is the next best thing. Many thanks to the authors for your submissions.

Getting high on the tablelands:

In the warm sunny days of the previous several weeks, 67 people decided that 1 July would be a day to Get On The Bike. But when the elements chose to bucket down on us, 26 of those registered decided it was actually a day to Get Some Extra Sleep, Get A Coffee and Get Sensible For The Day.

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Peter Jenkins relates his BVRT experience:

Before long we were at Coominya where the station buildings have been preserved and that brought back more memories of the days before suspension on bicycles. The last regular steam hauled train service in South East QLD ran from Ipswich to Yarraman on Friday nights and crossed at Coominya with a steam hauled goods train running back to Ipswich. You might be able to use this at a trivia night.

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Justin Bennet ticks the Rathdowney Rumble off his list.

Reading the previous year’s ride report, I was expecting temperatures to be close to zero, I wasn’t looking forward to the cold start. I am not the biggest fan of the colder weather, so was happy when I arrived, got out of the car, and found the weather to be rather warm for this year’s event. A few other riders suggesting temps were around 8c-9c. Perfect temps for a day out.

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Heath Carney shares his Summer Series 100 experience.

Making my way through the outer suburbs towards Springfield, the first 18km or so feels like it’s still part of the commute to the actual ride. Sure, there are things of note – the big, recently departed kangaroo lying in the road behind Wacol Station (“Do I take a photo? No, that’d be weird. Maybe on the way back through.”); the truck driver who decides to nudge forward into the intersection as I turn to cross Brisbane Terrace onto Old Logan Road; the mob of roos in the golden morning light on the golf course – but it feels like the ride doesn’t really start until I pass through Springfield. And by now, I’m already a quarter of the way in. This is a good sign.

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2019 Oppy

Its time to contemplate your 2019 Oppy campaign. I’ll be taking on the Petite Oppy, and as clueless as I am about all things to do with this event, I’ll be needing all the time I can to prepare.

In 2019 in SEQ the Oppy will start at 8:00 am Saturday 23rd March; and finish 24 hrs later. In FNQ the Oppy will start on a different date: 8:00am 18th May in an attempt to avoid the crazy weather that normally occurs in March in the north.

A page has thoughtfully been provided so you can check out the details.

Read more.

Upcoming Rides

Click on the ride name for more information and online registration.

Innisfail 200k ‘Oh No, we’ve got to go round it’ (2018)

Starting in Tropical FNQ this ride will travel anticlockwise around Qld. highest two mountains Bartle Frere and Bellenden Ker including Gillies Highway climb, southern tablelands before descending the Palmerston Highway and back to Innisfail.

Ride Date: 12-Aug-2018 6:30 am

Innisfail 100k ‘The Boulders and the Beautiful’ (2018)

This ride will start in Innisfail and will travel North to Eubenangee Swamp, Mirriwinni and the sugar town of Babinda. Enjoy FNQ popular swimming spot at the Boulders. Extra Kudos goes for the cyclist who bring a towel and have a dip. Track back towards Babinda for first control point and onto Mirriwinni and to the beautiful Bramston Beach for the second control point where you can admire the view to the islands or have a coffee in a really nice sleepy café before heading back to Innisfail for some well-deserved lunch or a refreshing ale.

Ride Date: 12-Aug-2018 6:40 am

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 35 (2018)

I have received notification that the BVRT has been closed indefinately from Benarkin to Linville due to fires in the area.

The event will now move to the start of the BVRT at Diamantina Boulevard in Brassall at the trail head and ride out to Fernvale and return.

Entry is open until 6pm tomorrow if anyone would like to join the ride.

Ride Date: 12-Aug-2018 11:55 am

Ride for the No-Shows (2018)

Cheaper than entry to the Ekka and you won’t get bored as fast. Bring along those friends who said that they always wanted to do an Audax ride (the No-Shows) and show them what they are missing. No dodgy showbags, just sweet riding pleasure. Complimentary espresso at start & checkpoint.

Ride Date: 15-Aug-2018 7:00 am

Low and High UAF (2018)

A group ride in the UAF style on relatively quiet roads starting at Middle Park, breakfast at Peak Crossing, morning tea at Rosewood and a lunch stop at the historic Glamorganvale Hotel.

Ride Date: 18-Aug-2018 6:00 am

Yeronga Medley 3 – 2018 (2018)

Reasonably flat course with distances of 110, 200, 300, 400 and 600 km. We start with part of the river loop, and then head west, taking in the Scenic Rim and the Brisbane and Lockyer Valleys. Please contact me if you need sleeping arrangements.

Ride Date: 25-Aug-2018 6:00 am

Airlie Beach Return (2018)

Beautiful ride to Airlie Beach with stops in Calen and Bloomsbury. Wind at your back and open road in front. Lunch at Airlie Beach and then a long slow ride back into the wind.

Ride Date: 01-Sep-2018 5:00 am

Great Northern 6 Pack Series (2018)

The Great Northern 6 Pack 2018 starts from Cairns, and visits Mossman, Mareeba and Atherton.  Choose from a 100km or 200km ride for each of the six days of the series.  You can even split your day into a 50/50km adventure, or have a day off.  It’s entirely up to you.

Join us for this amazing series of rides in beautiful Far North Queensland. Beaches, rainforest, cassowaries, tea plantations and outback scrub – we have it all.  Quiet roads, great company and the best scenery on offer.

Register for the series, and choose your accommodation in shared cabins and motel rooms.

The participation fee includes all rides, gear transport, most meals, series medal, a ferry ride across the Daintree River, and some hot laps of an international standard raceway.

Entry – $560 members (plus accommodation)

$620 non-members (plus accommodation)

Full details at

Please check the  Audax Lighting Rules and the Reflective Garment Guidelines.

Ride Date: 01-Sep-2018 6:30 am

6 Pack Day 1 (2018)

Day One of the Great Northern 6 Pack.  Ride from Cairns Pier along the Esplanade to the northern beaches of Cairns.  Take a quick diversion through Palm Cove and Yorkey’s Knob, before heading north on the Cook Highway along the oceanfront to the halfway point at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures. 100km riders can opt to continue to from Hartley’s to Mossman via Port Douglas, or take the

50/50 option.  Break your Audax day into two 50km brevets, and spend a few hours checking out the crocodiles at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, before continuing the journey north to Port Douglas and Mossman.  Discounted entry to Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures has been organised for Audax riders .

The 200km course heads south for some along quiet ocean-front riding along the southern edge of Trinity Inlet before turning north back through Cairns and to Port Douglas and Mossman.  It’s a flat, easy and scenic start for Day One of the 6 Pack.

Ride Date: 01-Sep-2018 6:30 am

Gregor’s Creek Circuit (2018)

Scenic undulating ride skirting Brisbane Valley lakes

Ride Date: 01-Sep-2018 7:00 am