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Queensland Newsletter 30th May, 2019

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Welcome to the late May edition of the Queensland Newsletter. In the last two weeks we have seen some firsts: the Far North Queensland riding of the Fleche Opperman All Day Trial; A new Ride Organiser and a brand new ride.

2019 has been an awesome year for the Oppy. Paraphrasing Mark, we have had a record number of teams, our first dirt petite team, the men’s and women’s records broken twice in the one year. Read Mark Riley’s roundup here.

Ride Reports

The Far North Queensland TrOppy season is over with the second round of broken Queensland Records for the season. Discover the teams, their support crews and ride reports here.

Awesome riding by all, setting the bar a little higher than the SEQ Oppy. Looks like we will be in for a South and North series of one-upmanship every year now.

What’s the Point?

We have been blessed with Hugh Fyson becoming a first time ride organiser with a brand new 105km BA on the south side of the Brisbane river. I found this route to be a very pleasant ride, hanging on to the back of the pack for about 15km (a record for me) only to drop off the back at the start of the 7 sisters. Apart from the perfect riding conditions, I found an unusual situation of me being at the first crest and seeing a rider at each of the next two crests on the 7 sisters.

At Wellington Point I have found a new challenge for the Brevet Dirt (or should this be Brevet Sand or Mud?) – timing will be everything…

King Island off Wellington Point – at low tide you can walk (or ride) to it.

Well done Hugh.

Brett Fyfield produced a video ride report.

Fassifern Folly this year was a tough ride with strong winds for a good portion of the distance. Whilst I didn’t complete the ride (something to do with a lack of riding and walking the hills of Woodfordia as a cheer squad at Tough Mudder and an ongoing mechanical issue with the derailleurs) I take my hat off to the riders who did finish. Those I saw were quite exhausted at the end.

This was Rosie’s last running of the Folly but fortunately there will be a RO to take up the reigns and I believe there will be some equally awesome catering for the support. Many thanks to Rosie and Ann for providing support for this ride over the past years.

All things maintenance

Whilst the umpires are out on such things as chain lubrication, tyre and saddle selection, I have continued my journey of maintenance on Curly (my Giant Defy)

Alignment issues

I found some issues with the rear brake cable binding recently – this was due to the previous owner installing a plain steel cable which due to my riding in all sorts of weather had started to rust and bind on the brake casing. The solution was simple – replace the cable with a stainless steel unit except I needed to replace the casing as well. That also meant removing the bar tape, which also meant replacing the front derailleur cable and casing. Fortunately I could re-use the bar tape as it was only recently installed. When replacing the derailleur cable, the usual setting up process is required to ensure the derailleur is indexed and with the limits set properly. I commuted to work (4 x 25km rides) and thought it was bedded in properly but the rough dirt roads on the Fassifern Folly bedded everything in so well that both the front and rear derailleurs had developed enough maladjustment that the chain was coming off every few km (front and rear) giving rise to delays and building frustration. I did sort the issues out in the days after the Folly by completely resetting both derailleurs.

Revisiting light mounts

I manufactured some light mounts using a combination of some extender bars and fittings and some 3d printed bobbins. One of the problems I discovered was that the lights didn’t really have enough clearance from the handlebars and cables and the lights rotated downwards as the ride progressed. As a solution, I re-designed the bobbins to have a keyway to stop the lights rotating and instead of using the original extender bar rods I designed the bobbin to include the 20mm rod in an offset position that moved the lights forward. Here is my handiwork:

For those interested in the design software, I don’t use anything elaborate – Autodesk has an on-line design website called Tinkercad that allows you to make the 3d models using basic block style shapes that are creatively combined to make quite complex designs.

If you have any contributions to the newsletter or ideas for articles, please send them to

Upcoming Rides

To view the calendar for the rest of the season head to the online ride calendar

Click on the ride name for more information and online registration.

Glorious Foursome (2019)

Glorious Foursome2019

Explore four faces of glorious Mt Glorious, just for fun. With lots of fast descending and wonderful views, this is a ride for the hardy and determined rider. Start and finish outside The Gap police station at Walton Bridge.

Ride Date: 01-Jun-2019 6:30 am

River Loop June (2019)


A social ride followed by a coffee somewhere interesting on Montague Rd

Ride Date: 04-Jun-2019 5:30 am

Frank’s Ride (2019)


A ride on some of Frank’s favourite roads in Northern NSW. Frank unfortunately passed away as a result of an accident he had while riding in this area. The scenery and terrain here, is exactly what he liked to ride.

Ride Date: 08-Jun-2019 6:30 am

Round The Mountains (2019)

RoundThe Mountains

Scenic ride from The Gap, through Caboolture, Kilcoy, Esk etc. around the mountains west of Brisbane back to The Gap.

Ride Date: 15-Jun-2019 6:00 am

Tully Night Ride (2019)

P4148428 2

Take your Audax cycling adventures to the next level with the Tully Night Ride. We leave Tully Showgrounds at 5pm and cycle on a full moon up Tully Gorge Road. Go to the very spooky top of the Gorge, or bail out early at the 35km control and head back for the barbque.

The ride fee includes catered Controls at 35km and the top of the Gorge (53km), a sag wagon, overnight in the Igloo (BYO swag) and barbque.

Full compliance with Audax lighting and reflective vest requirements is essential. (Audax reflective anklets are available for purchase.)

Jump up the next morning and join the Audax Breakfast Mission ride – just to add to the fun.

Click here for more Information

Ride Date: 15-Jun-2019 5:00 pm

Breakfast Mission (2019)

IMG 20180218 071041 2

After a big night of cycling and socialising, and a Tully sleep-over with your mates, jump back on the bike for a ride out to Mission Beach for breakfast. Its just a cruisy jaunt around the back roads and beaches, with some of the best scenery on offer in FNQ. Enjoy some breakfast in Mission Beach before returning to Tully.

Ride Date: 16-Jun-2019 6:30 am

Beach and Bush (2019)


Beach and Bush starts on the River Esplanade, Mooloolaba and traverses some urban roads and paths before some highway traffic to Landsborough. Thence via country roads through Beerwah and a gentle climb through Peachester and Bald Knob to Maleny.

Ride Date: 22-Jun-2019 7:00 am

A Great Divide Circuit (2019)

A pleasant day out, experiencing some of SE QLD’s finest scenery.

Ride Date: 29-Jun-2019 6:00 am

Dirty Mee (2019)


Dirty Mee is cyclocross at its best. Plenty of dirt single track and fire trail. There will be some sealed roads. hydration pack recommended. Maxis refuse are highly recommended.

Ride Date: 29-Jun-2019 7:00 am

River Loop July (2019)


A social ride followed by a coffee somewhere interesting on Montague Rd

Ride Date: 02-Jul-2019 5:30 am