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WAve Rock 1000 miles

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A 1600 km tour of the Western & Southern Wheat Belts, taking in Wave Rock

Last held in February 2020. Next ride date is TBA.

*** This ride is UNSUPPORTED ***
You will need to carry anything that you require and book any accommodation to suit…time to HTFU!

Starting from The Bell Tower at the World Famous Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia, we start prompt at 5am to avoid traffic but also to not leave time for any last minute proposal’s!!! Around the Swan River and then North with lots of sea views until Two Rocks (King Neptune will be their to wish you luck!) then it’s inland. Head down, bum up time to get the kms under the belt. 

You will see on your way around some recent bush fire damage, lots of dry farming fields, solar panel farms, salt lakes (including one which had a world record for a while), painted Silos maybe!, Wave Rock, Hippo Rock is off Route about 1km, and heaps more but I want to leave some surprises for you.

There is a few sections 80/100km with no services & I mean nothing, not even a 7/11 on the corners, there is NO Bus or Train service, you will need to carry whatever you think you may need. I will be carrying the kitchen sink so I can turn the tap on and get water when ever I need too!!

Phone coverage is great if u have a satellite phone!!!.  I would Highly recommend getting a Telstra SIM card to use on the Ride. Spot Tracker must be used on this ride and can be hired from Audax Australia if you don’t have one!

Ride Organiser: Wayne Hickman (whrecord@gmail.com)

Registration now open: here

I have had to make a couple of minor changes to route. There is NO gravel now except when you go into some carparks! https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31653750

The below is a list of places you can get food/water/toilet/sleep ect.A lot of the cafes & IGA’s don’t open on a Sunday OR Public Holiday Monday.You MUST carry a tracking device, spot is best and we can put it on to the tracking page for the Dot WatchersHope this helps with your planning.

Registrations are now open https://www.audax.org.au/portal/rides/register-calendar/1554-wave-rock-1000miles-2020

Please tick ‘NO MEDAL” when registering & those that finish will receive ‘A Surprise’

0             BELL TOWER                 START 5am 29th February
76km      TWO ROCKS                 Toilet/Water,Shop(IGA), Cafe
159km    REGANS FORD R/H      Toilet/Water,Food  
195km    DANDARAGAN              Shop closes at 12noon, Toilet/Water at Recreation Centre on right
232km    MOORA                          Toilet/Water in Apex Park on left as you come in. Shop(IGA) closes 6pm, Big Bird Cafe closes 9pm(on route), after crossing Railway Tracks Foodworks Shop closes 6.30pm, Junction Pub Hotel
278km    BINDI BINDI (off route)   Only if you really need water go. There is nothing else here. When turning off Great Northern Hwy follow sign for Bindi Bindi. Ride past big silo’s 50m until you see small office building on the right. Water tap is on side of this building. U-Turn to get back on route.
322km    BALLIDU                         Water/Toilet just after Pub. Ballidu 4pm-12pm food and accommodation 08 9674 1213, Nothing else here
435km    BEACON                         Toilet/Water, Country Club open Sunday 11.30-1.30 & 5pm-9pm, Caravan Park 0488025853 Deb
476km    BENCUBBIN                   Toilets/Water, Cafe 7am-1pm, Hotel open 5pm Food & Accommodation (08) 96851201, Caravan Park (08) 96851202
513km    TRAYNING                      Toilets/Water, Hotel (08) 9683 1005 food 6pm-8pm, Caravan Park (08) 96831202
525km    KUNUNOPPIN (off route)   Toilet/Water & check out the metal sculptures as you ride past
546km    NUNGARIN                     Toilets/Water, Shop closed Sunday & Monday, Wool Shed Accommodation & Pub 3pm-late for meals (08) 9046 5084
586km    MERREDIN                     off route LEFT  Barrack St Toilets/Water,Shop) IGA Sunday 8-5 closed Monday. Subway close 7.30pm, 1st left after Subway Bates St Palace Chinese Restaurant close 8.30 Sunday, 1km further Northside Tavern good counter meal til 9pm off route RIGHT Great Eastern Hwy BP R/H open 24hours, LEFT on Great Eastern Hwy past South Ave turn 200m Chicken Treat close 9pm
636km    BRUCE ROCK                Toilets/Water on left in middle of town, IGA & Cafe closed Monday. Bruce Rock Hotel (08) 90611218 6
74km    NAREMBEEN                  Roadhouse open 7am-7.30pm, Toilets & Water just past Roadhouse in park. Public Holiday Monday everything else closed. New mine is opening up and accommodation maybe hard to find in this town?
729km    KONDININ                       BP Roadhouse close 5pm (08) 98891190, Toilet & Water on route, Cafe on Jones St on left out of town but it will probably be closed! IGA closed Public Holiday Monday
773km    KARLGARIN (off Route)      Tressie Caravan Park 0475895043
792km    HYDEN                             Bakery/Cafe on left 6am-4pm IGA closed Monday,Toilets/Water on left next to Memorial Hall, on way out of Hyden Liberty Roadhouse 6am-8.30pm look for gravel cycle path to Wave Rock.
796km    WAVE ROCK                    Toilets/Water at the carpark, Wave Rock Cafe 9am-5pm 
876km    VARLEY                            Toilets/Water on route then retrace steps
918km    LAKE KING                       Lake King Tavern & Motel 12 or 3pm-til Late meals 6.30-8pm (08) 98744071, Nothing else here
922km    LAKE KING                       Lake King Agency Shop 6am-12pm, Toilets/Water on left just after shop,
980km    NEWDEGATE                   Toilet/Shower/Water on right, BP Shop 7.30am-7pm (08) 98711570, Pub/Hotel 4-12 Monday 12-12 Tuesday meals 6.30-8.30, IGA 8am-5.30pm closed Monday
1033km  LAKE GRACE                   Toilets/Water at Train Station, IGA 6am-5.30pm Closed Monday, Rosie’s Cafe 7am-3pm closed Monday, Lake Grace Hotel food 11-2 & 6-9 (08) 98651050, Liberty RH (08) 98651050
1076km  KUKERIN (off route)         Toilets/Water at Train Station, Kukerin Hotel  (08)98646338
1116km  DUMBLEYUNG                 Toilets/Water on left through town, Foodworks 8am-5pm, Roadhouse in middle of town 7am-6pm (earlier if quiet), Dumbleyung Inn 12-2pm & 6PM-8pm
1155km  WAGIN                              Toilets/Water on left in park, IGA 7am-7pm, Mangoe’s Cafe 5pm-8.30pm (08) 98611888, Palace Hotel 12-2.30pm & 6pm-8.30pm (08) 98611003, Wagin Motel (08) 98611888
1185km  ARTHUR RIVER               Toilets/Water behind hall on right before going down hill if Puma RH is not open, Puma Roadhouse 7am-7pm, Nothing else here
1205km  DARKEN                          Toilets/Water in Park, Gull Roadhouse 6am-7pm, Darken Hotel (08) 97361001
1248km  WILLIAMS                        BP Roadhouse 5am-10pm, Caltex 24hour (1km off route Left on Albany Hwy towards Perth), Toilets, General Store 8.30-5.30 (500mts off route Left on Albany Hwy towards Perth), 
1279km  NARROGIN                      Large Town lots Cafes, on route All Day Cafe 9.30am-8pm, Duke of York Pub Lunch/Dinner/Beds (08) 98811008, Coles 8AM-6PM
1292km  CUBALLING                     Toilets/Water on right, Gull Roadhouse 6am-6pm (08) 98836026, Tavern (08) 98836032
1312km  POPANYINNING              Toilet/Water on right, General Store only shop here open hours ? (08) 98875033
1329km  PINGELLY                        Toilet/Water at Town Hall on right, IGA 7.30AM-5PM, Pingelly Hotel (08) 98871001, Motel (08) 98871015
1350km  BROOKTON                     Toilets/Water on left near Train Station, IGA 8.30-5.30, Stumpy’s Roadhouse 6.30am-7pm
1382km  BEVERLEY                      Toilets/Water behind Town Hall, IGA 8.30-5.30, Red Vault Cafe 10am-6pm, other Cafes 8.30am-4pm, Beverley Hotel Food/Accommodation (08)96461190
1414km  YORK                               Toilets/Water behind IGA in park, IGA 7am-7pm, Golden York Chinese Restaurant 11am-9pm, 4 Cafes to choice from most close by 6pm, 2 Hotels for food/Accommodation 
1451km  SPENCERS BROOK       Spencers Brook Tavern only Food/Accommodation (08) 96222422
1466km  CLACKLINE                     Toilet/Water only. On left at junction before right turn towards Toodyay
1483km  TOODYAY                        Toilets/Water on left at Town Hall, if closed others in carpark behind Town Hall in same street as IGA 7am-7pm, Cola Cafe 8am-4pm, Bakery 7am-3pm, Toodyay Tavern Food/Accommodation (08) 95742201
1545km  CHITTERING VALLY       Toilets/Water only Sports Ground on right
1562km  BULLSBROOK                Toilet/Water in park before Left turn onto Great Northern Hwy, IGA 7am-7pm (8pm Thursday), Mean Bean Diner 7am-8pm, 
1574km  UPPER SWAN                Toilet/Water Gingers Roadhouse 24Hours
1575km  UPPER SWAN                Toilet/Water Coles Xpress Roadhouse 24Hours 
1605km  BELL TOWER                 FINISH by 18.20 Thursday 5th March