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Audax Australia National Committee
19 March 2020

Dear Audax Riders

Members will be aware that measures have recently been introduced by the Federal, State and Territory governments to prohibit gatherings of 100 people or more indoors and 500 or more people outdoors.  This has already had an effect on a range of cycling activities across the country.

The view from the National Committee is that Audax Australia will continue to run our calendared events at the discretion of the Ride Organisers (ROs) and Regional Presidents, unless and until there is some government edict banning sporting events of this nature.

Of course, ROs, riders and any volunteers will need to exercise due care and follow etiquette with regards to food handling, sanitation and “social distancing.”

While bike riding is still one of the activities that can be undertaken individually and in groups, we ask that participants don’t attend any rides for fourteen days if:

  • You have been in any of the high risk declared zones
  • You have been in contact with anyone who has been travelling in those zones or are concerned you may have been in contact with anyone that has Coronavirus
  • If you develop a fever or cough, seek medical advice urgently, isolate yourself and do not attend any rides

At briefings and during rides, maintain the recommended spatial distances, 1.5 m. On the ride, do not “snort” (clearing your nose) and capture any sneezes or “dew drops”

Riders may also wish to exercise due caution with regards to food planning during a ride (such as making sure a bakery or servo is open or carrying their own food). We prefer that you conduct your own risk assessments, rather than take the decision away from you.

Ride Organisers will be supported if they choose to run, cancel, or nominate another RO to run, their ride. If you are unsure as to whether a ride will be running or not, please contact the RO directly. RO’s can also reach out to Audax National for support if required.

Keep in mind that riders are still able to ride permanents at their own discretion, and so are not without an Audax option. There may be weeks to come when we crave this sense of normality. Celebrate it whilst we can.

National Committee