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Ride Rule and Safety Changes from 1 November 2018

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The start of the new riding year brings a number of changes to Audax Australia arrangements:

  • Simplified and consolidated Ride Rules bring all rules about our rides into one document
  • New Safety Recommendations set out lighting and visibility standards riders are strongly urged to meet
  • New Terms and Conditions of ride entry ensure legal responsibilities and liabilities are clear
  • All registrations will be online – no more paper or cash exchanges.

We’ve consolidated all our Ride Rules into the one document. No more hunting for each and every detail for all our ride types – international or Australian-grown varieties. The new document provides easy to follow text and simple charts.

The differences between Brevet Randonneur Mondiaux, Brevet Gravel and Brevet Australia rides have been polished up so time limits and amount of unsealed road allowable are clear.  BRMs are traditional road rides with a minimum of unsealed surfaces and stricter length restraints. Brevet Australia rides provide flexibility for both length and proportion of unsealed road surface.  And Brevet Gravels must be over 40% unsealed road. See the original document in its entirety for the full picture.

Other changes are to remove the mandatory lighting check. Instead, riders will be required and expected to apply the Road Rules and to review our new Audax Australia Safety Recommendations for lighting and visibility which they are strongly urged to meet.

Audax Australia strongly believes in a safety culture. To be bright is to be seen.  Riders must take responsible for their visibility throughout the ride. The road rules require riders to have lights clearly visible for at least 200 metres and rear reflector clearly visible for at least 50 metres at night and in low light. Riders will be disqualified for riding without lighting when they should be used.

For safety’s sake, Audax Australia strongly recommends all riders have additional front and rear lights – using multiple rear lights is really important for visibility – and carry extra batteries or other power sources.  Extensive reflective material and hi-vis daytime colours greatly increase road users’ visibility at night and in the day. Check out the info in our Safety Recommendations…

Are you wearing the hi-vis reflective anklets provided to all current and new Members?

You can access our new Ride Rules and Safety Recommendations on our Website and using these links: