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Some fellow Audaxians have visited SA recently: Chris Rogers, Steve Squire, Tim Taylor and Phil Giddings. All from Victoria, they were here to ride a couple of RAIDs, which are multi-day rides with a minimum distance of 400km (sealed) or 300 km (unsealed).

Their RAIDs were:

  • the Mawson trail – Adelaide to Blinman (916 km),
  • followed up by the Mawson Blacktop RAID (the return) – Blinman to Adelaide (more direct 607 km)
  • and just to warm up their legs, 2 of them rode to Adelaide from Swan Hill (500kms away).

Chris and the boys were hoping to complete the 1st leg to Blinman in 8 days, however, due to some unexpectedly heavy winds, they amended their schedule to arrive in Blinman after 9 days.

The return leg started the following day with the group reaching Adelaide 6 days later on Sunday morning, where I caught up with them in town. They all looked in great shape, notwithstanding their 1,500+kms ridden.

In true Audax style, they were, apart from the occasional pub meal, pretty self-sufficient. Thankfully the weather was mostly on their side, which makes a huge difference.

As you can see from the images, there are some pretty knarly bits along the way and some beautiful ones … all part of the fun. This is what Audax is all about, getting out there.