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Audax Australia – August 2022 Update

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Hi Randonneurs,

This update covers a number of recent news items and changes that are relevant to Audax Members

Paris Brest Paris 2023

Audax Australia is again aiming to assist those interested in riding Paris Brest Paris in August 2023

Those interested should subscribe to the PBP Newsletter.

COVID impact on YRR and PYRR Awards

While we are all learning to live with COVID, it is still prevalent and impacting each of us in different ways. At the National Committee meeting in August it was agreed:

  • Any member who has been impacted by COVID to the extent that they were unable to ride 1 of the 12 rides needed for this season’s YRR or PYRR award will be able to substitute an equivalent ride from another month.
  • The member should email the Award Secretary ( stating the month they had COVID and the substitute ride.

Updated Ride Rules

At the Nation Committee meeting in August, it was agreed to update the Ride Rules.

A summary of the changes are:

  • Clause 4.5: Audax Australia brevets can now be homologated using an approved GPS track.
    Note: it will take a number of months to update the software for GPS tracks to be used.
  • Clause 5.4: ACP Traces Nationales can now be ridden for Oppy events. These rides are very similar to Petite Fleche but are 200 to 360km in distance, 2 to 6 machines and homologated by ACP.
  • Clause 6.1: Penalties and Disqualifications have been updated to improve clarity and reflect current practices.

Checkpoint Publication

Members are invited to submit their articles and photos for a new “lite” version of the Audax Australia “Checkpoint” publication after a significant hiatus.
An electronic version is hoped to be produced by the end of October 2022 and the deadline for submissions will be 31/09/2022.
Send your submissions and offers of assistance to