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Western Australia is a randonneurs delight, offering a diverse range of cycling experiences. There are many kilometres of quality cycle paths to explore. Those who venture further can find forests, vineyards, farmlands and magnificent coastal regions.

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Upcoming rides for WA for the next 3 months

Details of all scheduled rides are in the Audax Calendar

Perth – Augusta – Perth Register
This is the 7th edition of the Classic Western Australian Randonnee A beautiful tour of the State's SW, taking in ancient forests, stunning coastlines, and maybe even a hill or two!
Distances: 200km, 1000km, 1200km, 1200km | WA | LRM
Collie – Perth Register
200km from Collie back to Perth
Distance: 204km | WA | BRM
End of Year Celebration Register
Ride out through the Chittering Valley before venturing out to Toodyay and beyond to Beejording before returning back to Bullsbrook via Bindoon-Dewars Pool Rd
Distances: 138km, 206km | WA | BA
Giro De Perth – Take 1 Register
Start & Finish in Perth with a beautiful tour of the South West & Great Southern.
Distances: 50km, 101km, 203km, 306km, 415km, 603km | WA | BRM
Dental Flat 400 Register
Dental flat 400
Distances: 200km, 300km, 400km | WA | BRM
Let's get qualified mid-week special – take 1 Register
A scenic loop from Joondalup out to Bindoon/Mogumber/Reagans Ford, returning via Two Rocks and Yanchep.
Distances: 207km, 301km | WA | BRM
Forrest and Plains Register
Mostly flat  routes with a shortish hilly section via Dwellingup. Meandering thru the scenic SW via local back roads.
Distances: 203km, 305km, 400km, 605km | WA | BRM
Let's get qualified mid-week special – take 1 Register
A scenic loop from Joondalup out to Bindoon/Mogumber/Reagans Ford, returning via Two Rocks and Yanchep.
Distances: 207km, 301km | WA | BRM
Dawn til Dusk (Summer) Register
Mt Henry Bridge Reserve – Pinjarra – Preston Beach – Waroona – Dwellingup – Pinjarra – Mt Henry Bridge Reserve
Distance: 307km | WA | BRM
Bjorn Blasse Celebration Register
A social ride celebrating one of WA's Audacious achievers. BBQ to be held after the ride.
Distances: 50km, 50km, 100km | WA | BA
B'stard Randonnee (night ride) Register
Ride PSP's & quiet roads on the coastal plain in metro and rural areas south of Perth.
Distances: 54km, 120km, 200km, 305km, 403km | WA | BRM
Dental Flat 600 Register
Dental flat 600
Distance: 603km | WA | BRM

See below for archived ride reports or see Ride Reports.
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Archived Ride Reports (work in progress)

Many of these reports have been extracted from long ago published Audax Australia or CTA newsletters

Wayne Hickman’s report

Brief report on WA rider participation

Ross Cussons’ report on an organised tour of the Pyrenees to Paris

July 2007 – Glenn Mitton’s cycling holiday in Europe

21 June 2004 – The toughest Audax-style event the Rod Marston had ever done and his first Raid randonnée, a long distance non-competitive tour with normal overnight stops at two-star hotels.

Aileen Martin’s report on her 1997 ride – the first Australian woman rider to ride the course

Phil Giddens account of a 4 week bicycle trip through France, culminating in the “Raid Pyrénéen’, a Randonnée Permanente of 710km, with 18 mountain passes, 11,000 meters of climbing, and a 100 hour time limit.

Aileen Martin’s account of completing the PBP. The first Australian women to do so.

Don Brigg’s report

19 September 2021 Riders’ experiences as they followed the route of the first 600km ride ridden in WA

14 August 2021 RO’s report. A loop from Armadale to the south then across and back through the wheatbelt.

17 July 2021 Tim Pezet’s account of his first 300km ride

5 June 2021 Big loops to the south in wet and cold conditions

16 May 2021 Perry Raison’s account of a ride into the wide openness of the wheatbelt

1 May 2021 Stan Pennor’s first Audax ride completing a loop down south of Capel and back. A supported ride that was a great success.

17 April 2021 Ed Pley’s report on 200km ride. 100 and 50km rides also held.

Weekend of cycling in the Toodyay area

27 February 2021 Sacha Dowell’s account of the longest Audax ride yet done in WA

25 January 2021 200 & 100km night rides taking in various prisons around Perth. A popular ride over the years and well attended again.

16 January 2021 Social ride on a hot, windy day

21 November 2020 Hilly 200km around the Perth hills

27 December 2020 Permanent 50km vicinity of scenic Mandurah

19 December 2020 Summer Dawn til’ Dusk Out to York and back on a very hot day

5 December 2020 Out to Two Rocks, Regans Ford, New Norcia, Tooyay, Muchea before back to start at Bayswater.

6 November 2020 1003km ride through the south-west and wheatbelt regions

Ride photos taken through out the Audax year 1 November 2019 to 31 October 2020

13 September 2020 A 41km and a 83km loop in on dirt trails in Perth Hills

17 October 2020 600km journey Bell Tower – Toodyay, Northam, Wundowie, Beverley, York, Wonga Hills, New Norcia, Bindoon and back to the start. Great photos too.

22 August 2020 A ride that appears on the calendar most years – Toodyay-Northam-Meckering-York-Toodyay

8 August 2020 214 & 128km rides to honour passing local Audax personalities. DWP heading south for a loop around Peel estuary.

25 July 2020 Nice hilly ride ticking all the boxes of why we do Audax rides

13 June 2020 300km loop down to Harvey and back. 400km loop down to Bunbury.

12 July 2020 Three riders rode the 200km out to Tammin and back. The 150km followed a route to Quairading before heading back. Interesting weather conditions.

23 May 2020 Scenic ride the goes through Toodyay before heading back to Northam.

16 February 2020 Pleasant loop up the scarp to Dwellingup, then back through the forrest and down the scarp to Mandurah

29 February 2020 1600km ride to Wae Rock through the western and southern wheatbelts. Also 200km ride along the initial section of the route.

8 February 2020 A ride run every year in appreciation for the contributions Bjorn made to Audax on a Regional and National level.

25 January 2020 An evening summer ride from Deep Water Point to the south and back.

4003km journey from Fremantle to Bondi Beach by Wayne Hickman

100 km to 400 km rides southward from Perth

Perth to Esperance 1289 km in 7 days

Perth – Jarrahdale – Boddington – Dwellingup – Pinjarra – Perth

25 July 2010 – 25th Anniversary ride

A perspective of several UAF rides held in WA in 2010

15 May 2010 – Australia’s inaugural 600 km Audax Français brevet

Australia’s first 400 km UAF brevet was held in Western Australia in August. This is how it went.

Summer 2010. Glen Lacy’s report on his recumbent ride. Out to Gin Gin and Clackline way.

20 – 22 November 2009 Weekend away

Beach Life 100km by Greg Davey DWP heading north; Dirty Dell 35km off road; Dog leg Loop 100km DWP heading south; UAF Perth 100km Group ride of 15 riders around the rivers (1st UAF ride); UAF Yanchep-Chittering 200km Group of 11 riders

Carol Dooley’s account of multi-day ride Bridgetown – Northcliffe – Walpole – Denmark – rocky Gully – Manjimup – Bridgetown

21 – 23 November 2008 Cycling weekend at Dwellingup

7 July 2007 200km & 100km rides Hilly, out Brookton Highway

23 – 24 November 2007 Social weekend at Dwellingup

9 December 2007 100km & 200km rides. DWP to the south

short summary of a number of rides in 2007

25 March 2006 – Perth to Coolup & return

12 August 2006 – Gosnells – North Bannister – Dwellingup – Pinjarra – Harvey and return via Pinjarra

23 March 1996 – South to Mandurah – Yarloop – Preston Beach and return

1000 km ride in the Wheatbelt

9 September 1990 – York – Toodyay – Goomalling – Meekering – York

8 April 1990 – Midland, up Green Mount hill on to Clackline, York, Beverly, Brookton then back along the Brookton Highway through Kalamunda to the start point.

14 September 1989 Supported ride doing a series of loops based around York.

5 August 1989 200km ride from Pickering Brook to Toodyay and back. 600km ride described as riding in circles down to Bunbury on the first day and then passing through Bannister, Boddington and Dwellingup on the second day.

June 1989 – Pickering Brook – Narrogin – Brookton – Jarrahdale – Pickering Brook

Fred Surr’s account of his visit to Perth in May 1989

23 April 1989 – Midland – Guiderton – Mudgumber – Toodyay – Midland

12 March 1989 Loop down to Coolup

200km down to Lake Clifton and back

27-28 August 1988 First day was Armadale to the south – Pinjarra – Bunbury and back 360km. Second day to Bannister – Boddington – Dwellingup – Armadale.

Two rides … a 400km route on 25 June 1988 and a 200km ride on 11 August 1988

1 – 4 April 1988 An Easter ride. A series of loops allowing riders to stay in the one location for sleep.

Perth to Sydney (4380km) via Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra in record time.

30 August 1986 – 600km loop to Bridgetown and back in the early days of Audax riding in WA

12 July 1986 – In the cold of winter Midland – Chittering Valley – Bindoon – Toodyay – Northam – York – Northam – Beverley – Karragullen – Midland

12 October 1985 Perth – Mandurah – Pinjarra – Harvey – Dardanup – Kirup – Bridgetown – Donnybrook – Dardanup and back to Perth

12 October 1985 Riding the same route as the above 600km route but finishing in Bridgetown. these rides were conducted with CTA achievement rides with riders also signing up for the Audax Qualification.

Report covering the first Audax ride in WA on 28 July 1985. The ride was done in conjunction with a Cycle Touring Association of WA (Inc) ride. This report by Aileen Martin was published in CTA’s Newsletter Issue No. 66 September/October 1985

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