Ride Report

Yeronga Medley 300km 29.05.2021

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Always a great ride, and yesterday was my first 300km from when I started my own business with FCV Solutions, being back on the tools and not on a seat in the office my legs and body needed to get used to the challenge, the first 4 months I was struggling with the combo of cycling and the work, but I’m happy to say now I’m back and maybe even stronger 😂.
Now to the Yeronga Medley
Yeronga to Yamanto.
Start at 6.00am about 20 riders over all the distances, but was solo at the front after 2km, was joined by Mark but not for long, first leg to Yamanto was a little cool, with a slight southerly wind, a quick stop for a ☕️ and the card signed I left with a few others arrived.
Yamanto to Kalbar.
Windy 😱.
The Southerly wind picked up, and being out in the open made this a had leg, ave speed went down and felt like the legs didn’t feel great but when noticing the wind in the flags along the way I knew what I was dealing with, once over Mt Alford and the wind in the back it was a quick dash to Kalbar for a feed at the bakery.
Kalbar to Rosewood.
Some wind in the back and cross-wind 😱😂 along some parts.
Never an easy leg, with steep rollers, different road surfaces and open fields. Wind died of towards the end and ave speed went up, legs felt super, heart rate was good and I kept on top of the nutrition.
Quick stop at Drake’s to sign the card, a few banana’s and a drink.
First the 9km section out and back to Rosewood, before heading to Walloon, Ipswich and climbing back towards Brisbane.
Always a test for the endurance’s.