Ride Report

Where-I-bee You Yangs Ride

Audax Theme

This is an easy, unsupported ride to the You Yangs. Starts and finishes at Williams Landing Railway Station. Warm up ride around Werribee South Beach and then off to Little river General Store + P.O. for a spot of morning tea followed by the classic “Turntable” climb in the You Yangs and then back to Little River for lunch before riding to the finish. Great views from the You Yangs. I am happy to consider requests to schedule this ride on a weekday of your choice depending on my commitments at the time.   🙂     Russellfreemantle@gmail.com (R.O.)

Start – Williams Landing Railway Station 0K

Checkpoint 1 – Little River 47K

Checkpoint 2 – Little River 75 K

Finish – Williams Landing Railway Station 110K