Ride Report

WA: Southern Coastal and Hills 2021

Audax Theme

Southern Coast and Hills saw a decent turnout. There were 2 riders in each distance of 50, 100 and 200km. After a quick coffee at the start point and a brief moment to appreciate the perfect morning weather next to the estuary, the ride began. Navigating the twists and turns along the Estuary it was not long before the 50km riders parted ways and turned northwards to complete their lap of Avocet island. With 4 riders remaining in the group we headed up over Dawseville bridge and along Estuary drive. The group enjoyed an uneventful roll all the way until the first climb of the day. A brief but extremely steep climb off of Old Coast road that always leaves you wishing for another few low gears.


As a group we took a brief detour to visit the Thrombolites at Lake Clifton, enjoying the low tide and distinct lack of wind to take some happy snaps on the jetty. After restarting, Tim’s chain decided it had had enough down the road from the thrombolites and went for a nap on the tarmac. Thankfully Tim had a quick link handy and with some mucking around and dirty hands we got it all back together so Tim could continue.


Perry and Myself parted ways at the Forrest Hwy rest stop with the 100km riders and continued on to Waroona. We made comment on the distinct lack of wind heading East, with Perry remembering the struggle on a previous 300 a few months prior with walking speeds all he could muster up Coronation Rd against the gale they encountered. With a quick food stop at the bakery, the real climbing began. Perry and myself played leap frog the whole way to Dwellingup with Perry being faster up the hills, and my distinct lack of self preservation sense allowing me to be faster down them. We eventually got to Dwellingup with a quick stop for water and a stretch, as we decided our main stop was going to be at Pinjarra.


Coffee, scrambled eggs on toast and cake was on my mind as we arrived at Pinjarra. Wolfing those down as I always seem to be able to do, we geared up for the final leg of the ride. Hitting the coast was a textbook affair, allowing us to enjoy the scenic views the whole way back into the center of Mandurah. The sun setting, casting an orange and red visage over the deep blue of the Indian Ocean. Navigating the Mandurah foreshore on a Saturday night is always a fun affair, with plenty of mouth breathers shouting obscenities out of their car windows at us. Thankfully we made it back to the start in one piece, where Perry and myself bid our farewells and parted ways. Perry heading towards to the PSP for the ride back to Perth. Myself, trundling back to my house, enjoying the fact I was the closest person for once. With the evening formalities completed, I fell into my bed for some well earned rest that night.