Ride Report

Round the Mountains 400km 29-02-2020

Audax Theme

Round the Mountains 300km & 400km 

Start 6.00 Finished 23.57 

Participants: 13 (I thik) over the 2 distances (300km 3, 400km 10) none supported ride.  

Ride organizer: Brian Hornby

Great turnout for big day riding, #Audax 300km and 400km Round the Mountains. 
Great to see some new faces at the start and the usual suspects. 
A big day in the saddle with temp’s above the 30, wind and humidity all playing a part. 
Wasn’t all smiles and laughter all the time and having a low after about 200km due to not looking after the nutritional intake earlier on made us change the plan and a few longer stops in the AC and some food got us back to our normal pace, massive tx to @Scott McCarty for sticking with me, during the evening temp’s came down and wind fell away. Made it back just before midnight. 

It was fantastic to see everything so green again around Brisbane. 

#Audax #Audaxaustralia #whyiride #ridewithscotty#longdistancecycling



Briefing by Brian.


Great to see some new faces

You know it's hot when you see all the cow's under 1 tree

Some needed rest and food

No beers but a slurpy