Ride Report

Lowoogoolawood 2 – Lowood to Toogoolawah

109 km from Lowood to Toogoolawah and return on a very pleasant day with temps as high as 24 degrees. The ride itself was conducted in the company of Peter and Brian and we rolled along in loose formation.

The trail was in good shape, neither dusty or a bog which can sometimes be the case at certain times of year. The course was completed in just short of eight hours, some of that time spent shoe fettling since the soles had parted company with Brian’s shoes. The first repair was made with cable ties acquired from Peter’s portable bike workshop, subsequently duct tape was procured in Esk at which point the shoes were properly reinforced for the duration. Of note, the ride into Toogoolawah occurred at warp speed as a result of a smooth downhill and tailwind combination and the bridge renovation at Cooragook is well underway and looking good. Will not miss diving down into the creek to get across there in future.

Close to the end my feet had enough and I ambled back from the Lockyer Creek bridge enjoying the rural views across the plain, the rural aromas evident from the nearby dairy. From there its a gentle roll down the hill to Lowood where the remaining riders were discussing their rides in the car park. 

The BVRT is always a good time out. Thanks to Peter for organising.