Ride Report

Esk at Night 200km

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Esk at Night 200km 01/11/2020 “A Little bit of everything”.  

Start 14.00 Temp 36 (at start) 

Participants: 25 over the 3 distances (100km 5, 200km 10,  300km 10) Supported ride. 

Ride organizer:Kym Raffelt  and John McMullan 

Great briefing by Kym and off we went, a few pictures from the groupd down below. 

After a few K’s a group of 5 formed and tempo was set. This group stayed together till about 85km when I had to let them go as I was struggling with stomach cramps and had to slow down,

 but was able to push on and after the 2nd checkpoint of the day i was feeling better again.

So 2nd 100km was solo, with a good storm coming over and finally cooling it down, on the way to Lowood where I had to wait for the 3rd checkpoint to open to have somee food and water, rain stopped on the way back into Esk and also the wind fell away. 

Overall an other great ride with lots of learning done again. 

Massive thanks to Kym and John for the massive effort in supporting this event. 


Well we all knew it was going to be a hot start, some came more prepaired then others, just need to know what Scott had in those bottles. 

Scotty may have a secret recepy here. 

Great turnout for the prestart briefing: 

Some last minute uploads by the Matt’s 

Ride briefing by Kym approved by John.

When Audax comes to town. 


From the start there was a group of 5 with Nick, James, Matt x2 and Fred. The high temprature did stop us from 

riding in formation and speed was high.  

Very dry conditions everywhere and lots of rain needed. 

First check-point 

A few of the riders we crossed on our way back to Esk.

And the pace was back on, the 2 Matt’s and Nick still smiling, that just means more pain to come. 

2nd stop of the day in Esk. 

Wivenhoe Dam getting low???? 

After the rain had past on the way back to Esk. 

Strava details: