Ride Report

BVRT 70 – The “Just Right” Dirt Ride – Unfinished Business

For those who have not done this ride, its fairly easy with a couple of creek crossings to negotiate. Many including myself walk these crossings. The track is good and described as “easy”. There is a gentle climb up Mt Hallen and an equally gentle descent. Its a nice ride for sure with just the gotcha of carrying enough water from Coominya so you don’t get caught short on a hot day.  

I am possibly the worst Audax rider ever. I have finished less rides that I started for a whole catalog of reasons and last year this ride was a fail as well. I failed to proceed with about 2km to go and had to be rescued. And so of course this is the unfinished business, to actually complete this ride.

On this day the track between Lowood and Esk is in good shape, soft and without dust, except for the washout at a little creek crossing where I may have left my fillings. I took great care with that one on the return journey. It was cool and peaceful on the outbound leg, cows in the pasture, birds and wallabys aplenty. Just gorgeous. I covered the outbound leg at a leisurely pace pausing here and there to take a photo, marvelling at the work already done in readiness to replace the snake gully bridge. That’s going to upset the “adventure trail” crowd but pleases the rest of us no end to have a real bridge to cross the gully instead of having to abseil up and down a cliff.

I cross the remaining gullies, pause at Mt Hallen for some pictures since its a pretty spot, and roll on into Esk where Peter and Shiela are dining outside the bakery. I consume a baked good and a bottle of sugar, jump back on the bike and head off on the return leg. Somewhere down the track Peter and Shiela overtake as I cruise onwards. Others will overtake as well, my cycling pace best described as “very relaxed” on a really good day.

Long story short I completed the ride without incident although I presume I am the last to arrive. It got hot, I took it easy, did all the sensible things and prevailed. According to this website, the challenge of Audax is not in racing, but in pushing your own boundaries and experiencing great personal achievements. I finished which is all I set out to do – mission accomplished. 

  The track is in good shape and its a gorgeous day. Who could ask for more?

The view at Mt Hallen. This image does not do it justice really.

    The rail spike at Mt Hallen.

These guys again. Work is underway to provide a bridge across the gully at the one above.

Water flowing stongly in Lockyer Creek, not a thing always seen.