Ride Report

Audax: Western Grind 12 06 2021 200km Gravel

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Well for those who like a challange, this is definitely a great ride with plenty of #grind. A massive thanks to @Justin Bennett for putting this one together. Starting from Ipswich we set of with a small group as we had a few late starters and some who found it a challenge to find the starting point on time LOL no names JF. Temperature dropped to 0 deg but the sun was out and when we hit the first gravel sections it gave us some very nice pic’s and warmed us all (I think) Once the first gravel climbs started I was on my own for the rest of the ride. First a few pinches on Ripley rd to then go onto the Mount Elliot and into the Flinders Conservation Park where it went from a steep climb onto a steep technical climb onto a technical descent (Great fun) some creek crossings, and a flatter gravel section to pick up some pace towards Peak Crossing for the first check-point. Then on the way to Rosewood, a bit of track (not sure its a track LOL) finding exercise on the corner of W Hendricks RD and Hartwigs Rd but we crossed the high grass section and followed the electrical lines to get onto the correct path. A few gravel sections and into Rosewood where I had a quick stop at the bakery and on we went. Wind picked up a little getting out of Rosewood with another Scenic climb along Embreys Rd (It’s a grind LOL) so lots of time to enjoy the views. A quick descent with some rough parts so stay focussed and into Marburg (a quick water stop) and onto the Postmans Track (again very scenic/slow grind with great views) and some rough technical sections on the way down. A few flat gravel sections, a section of the BVRT and into Fernvale with a bonus lap around the Mountain we normally see as a great backdrop in most pictures. A quick stop at the cafe (2nd option) as the Bakery had a line-up again outside. Next onto the BVRT towards Ippy, me thinking its all flat from here, oops Justin had a few more pinches on the cards for us starting at Borallon Station Rd followed by Boyles Rd and a few more gravel pinches before we came back into Ipswich. #200kmgravel #audax #challangeyourself #scenicrim 


All pictures on https://www.facebook.com/media/set?vanity=frederik.vekeman&set=a.10159219113861069