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AUDAX WA – RIDE REPORT – February 2020

Ride Start Date: 8 Feb 2020

Author Wayne Hickman

The Bjorn Blasse Celebration Ride is run every year in appreciation for the contributions Bjorn made to Audax on a Regional and National level. Before his accident, Bjorn was the current WA Calendar and Brevet Secretary.

During Easter of 2008, Bjorn was going for his Instructors Licence in Skydiving. During that activity as he came into land in a sitting position, (which is part of the Instructors Ticket) his foot caught a tuffet of grass which sent him tumbling forward. His head hit the ground very hard which resulted in brain injury. Bjorn does not speak or take solid food and has limited communication only by writing words on paper.

Bjorn still recognises his old mates and still retains his sense of humour and cheeky smile. Bjorn has a purpose-made four-wheel electric-assisted bike which he can hand cycle whilst the support rider pedals and steers like a usual bike.

This year’s ride followed the format of last years with the 50km riders starting two hours after the 100km riders so everyone could come together at the end for a BBQ.

Congratulations go to Ian on his first 100km Audax ride and to 13-year-old Isaac’s for his first 50km Audax ride. Both were awarded Audax Distance Badges as it was their first ride (A WA initiative).

Behind the scenes, BUT without their continued Help and Support, this ride could not happen many-many thanks go to Alison, Mary, Mark and WA Committee.

 ‘I dip’s me lid’

Wayne Hickman

Ride Organiser

Video (Wait for the scary bit at the end)