Ride Report

WA: Gary’s Dirt 35 & 70

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Ride Reports by Gary Peakall

13/09 Gary’s Dirt Series 35
A 41km loop on the railway trail. We had five riders turn up for the Dirt 35. Ed and Alex signed up for the brevet with Guido, Glenn & myself riding socially …We caught up to Glenn half way around as he had set out earlier …
It was a beautiful day for riding the trail and really enjoyed being out on the gravel again … a great ride was made even better with coffee and cake at the finish in Darlington.

19/09 Gary’s Dirt Series 70
A 83km loop from Darlington -Mudaring – Lake Leschenaultia – John Forrest National Park.
We had a drizzly start to the ride keeping most riders tuck up in bed with only Aron , Alex & myself brave and crazy enough to signing up for the Dirt 70.

We headed down the bridle trail from Darlington making our way across to John Forrest National park where we left the bridle trail meander our way up into the scarp using fire trails ..enjoying a small section of single trail along the way. At the 20 km point Aron discovered he had a slow leak in one of his tyres, however decided to make for the lake before accessing if a new tube was needed.

The weather had cleared up a bit by the time we got to the lake , disappointed to find that due to COVID-19 the lake cafe was only doing takeaway meals however the breaky burger and coffee was a welcome warm up.

From the lake we rode into the state forrest behind the weir, tackling rocky and gravelly uphills trails …oh and stopping a few times for Aron to put more air in his tyre.

Climbing out from behind the weir we made our way back to along the last bit of the Munda Biddi …then back down the heritage trail to Darlington for more coffee and a huge pieces of vanilla slice.

Unfortunately for Alex and myself the weather had turned wet again. I was very wet by the time I got home.

All up a very enjoyable ride.