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Audax Rocky Gully Ramble 200k 16/11/2019

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Rocky Gully Ramble 200Km 16.11.2019 #queenslandturneduptheheat

Ride Organiser: Raoul Dover

Registered riders: 14  Distances: 100km and 200km

Start 6.30am and even Jeff Franklin was on time (kudos for Jeff)

First leg: Fernvale to Esk 0-42km was the easy part of the ride.  Enjoying the scenery.

Ride and follow your shadow.

The open roads to Esk

At Esk: quick stop to get some water and the brevet card signed a few pictures,  Jeff and Heath arrived on my way out.

The 2nd Leg from Esk to Gatton 42-119Km and temperature getting up so that promised for the rest of the day. Lucky I had the bigger 1 liter bottles with me and just mate it to Gatton with a little water in one of them. I definitely noticed the difference in temp’s and was monitoring the heart rate by slowing it down and running small gears on every uphill section in the road. Also noticed the differences in the road surface with some of them very hard and rough and not easy rolling. Rocky Gully road is one of them. We also passed many dam’s but no water in them, very scary to see and not promising of what is to come for the people living in these areas.

On the right trackIt's a dam, no water

No water in these waterways.

Must be the local plumber living here.

Almost in Gatton

The 3rd leg: Gatton back to Minden 119-172km with an extra stop at Tarampa

Now QLD is turning up the heat, with most of the ride now above 35deg and even well into the 40’s, more empty dam’s and definitely needing to manage the heart rate and fluid intake I took and extra stop at Tarampa BP where the Jess asked me all about the bike and riding, and if my legs hurt from all the riding, he looked strange at me when I said you get used to it LOL.

Last part: Minden to Fernvale 172-202km. The last part is always the hardest they say, well with the last 10km having some decent rolling sections in it this is definitely the case, but the smile came back when we had a few clouds towards the end and even a few drops of rain but not enough to cool me down.

Strava report:  https://www.strava.com/activities/2867745452/overview

Have a look at the temp graph on the analysis. pffff


1 x SIS recovery drink, 1 litre of water, 2 x fruits and vegetable juices a cooldown in the pool and a good night sleep.

Before the ride: Bike clean and new tires: Running tubeless Gavia AC1