Ride Report

11 out of Eleven, Bridges over the Brisbane River.

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What a great start of the year, even it was a wet/dry/wet/dry/wet and wetter one. 

What a great turnout for the first day of the year, only a few DNS due to weather. 


Of we went for 11 (plus 1 repeat) Brisbane River crossings and 111km 

First Bridge of the day: Go Between Bridge

Bridge No2: Goodwill Bridge

Bridge No3: Story Bridge

Bridge No 4: Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge or Gateway Bridge

And return to the checkpoint for the finish of the first loop (45km) 

Bridge No5: Walter Taylor Bridge

Bridge No6: Jindalee Bridge, dry again. 

Bridge No7: Jack Pesch Bridge

Bridge No8: Eleanor Schonell Bridge

Bridge No 9: William Jolly Bridge

Bridge No 10: Kurilpa Bridge

Bridge No 11: Victoria Bridge

And return via the river to finish at the checkpoint where John and Peter fired up the BBQ 


A few more pic;s in https://www.facebook.com/media/set?vanity=frederik.vekeman&set=a.10159601271316069