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Queensland Newsletter June 27th 2019

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Welcome to the late June edition of the Queensland Newsletter.

PBP Important news!

If you missed out on registering for PBP and are disappointed: News from PBP organisers is that due to poor qualification rate of preregistered riders 1500 spots are now available for those that want to go. Only catch is you need to have done your qualification rides by 3 July 2019.

Message: Greetings Randonneurs
This will be of particular interest to those of you who completed your qualifying brevets, but didn’t get a pre-registration spot.
From YACF PBP forum:
The ACP has sent an email reopening entries.
“Due to a considerable number of abandoned pre-registrations (1500), opening of registrations to everybody (with qualifying BRM) until July, 3rd
To register and pay your registration, go to : with your email address and your password. Click on “Registrations”. Then click on “Paris-Brest-Paris” and on the button “Sign up now!”

Completed Rides

We have four completed rides in the past fortnight.

Tully Night Ride

24 riders completed the 106km course with times ranging from just under 4 hours to just under 6 1/4 hours

Round the Mountains

There were 14 riders completing Round The Mountains. For the 300km riders, finish times were between just over 12 hours to a maximum value of just under 20 hours. Kudos to Kym who broke his rear derailleur 115km from the finish, completing with only two gears. Paul completed the 400km in just under 22 hours.David Taylor qualified for PBP on this ride as well.

Breakfast Mission

38 riders finished this 72km ride. Times ranged from just under 3 1/2 hours through to just under 4 3/4 hours.

Beach and Bush

Errol was unavailable to support the ride this year so the ride was run unsupported with a slightly tweaked route that we stole from Alex.All riders completed with times ranging from just under 9 hours to 12 1/2 hours. Kudos to a somewhat frustrated Hugh for completing the ride sans technology – using only a cue sheet and no odometer either. Thanks to Alex for planning the original route and Brian for helping me to tweak it to this year’s version.

Ride Reports

A first time Ride Organiser’s perspective

Hugh Fyson recently became a first time RO for What’s the Point which was an excellent ride. He wanted to share his experience with us so please read it here and if you feel inspired, have a think about becoming a RO for your own rides or as a fill in RO when people are away.

Round the Mountains

Whilst we don’t have a ride report, Mark Harris provided a few photos of Round the Mountains

Beach and Bush

Not much to report here other than Hugh’s effort with just a cue sheet, and from me a bit of car karma – on Bald Knob Rd I was passed very closely by a ute towing a wide car trailer with a 4wd on it – he made the decision to make a rush pass rather than stay behind me for another 20 seconds (a car was coming the other way). A short time later I passed said combination stopped at the side of the road with the ute’s bonnet in the air in surrender to the hill climb. I was very polite on my way past with my request. I was 3 out of 3 for the week…

Mark once again provided some nice photos from the route

Mt Mee

Keith Heinrich was out on a circuit of Mt Mee and wanted to share these photos. He must have been out the same morning as Round the Mountains…

Fiddly bits

Shoe laces

The 250kg breaking strain braided Kevlar fishing line is doing very nicely.

Light Mounts

The new mounts are a success. I do need to tighten one up as it moved on the bumpy sections of Beach and Bush.

Post ride rider care

We often mention rider fatigue after a longer ride and I for one stay on the bike deliberately rather than take the car to the Easter Eggsertion but this is a tale of a different sort.One of the downsides to being a slower randonneur is you spend more time riding in the prevailing conditions. On Beach and Bush, I spend a few hours riding into the salt laden sea breeze. Whilst it wasn’t a problem on the ride this year, it did become an issue on the way home where the perspiration managed to mix with the salt which got into my eyes requiring an emergency stop on the side of the road to rinse the salt out of my eyes. I normally don’t think too much about the effects of a ride, but I will take a bit more care before leaving the finish of the rides in future.

If you have any articles, ride reports or photos to contribute, please send them to

Upcoming Rides

Using a new publishing system for the first time is not without its challenges it seems. I would normally include the upcoming rides directly in the newsletter but unfortunately this is not to be for this edition til I figure out how.

To see what upcoming rides are, please refer to the email that this was attached to for a snapshot of the next month or browse the calendar here.