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Queensland Newsletter July 11, 2019

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A lovely location to turn around

Welcome to the mid July edition of the Queensland Newsletter. We have a mixed bag of articles this edition with one underlying theme – rider safety. Not so sure if you pick this up immediately while reading, but it is there.

Ride Reports

A Great Divide (400)

Once again, Mark Harris has provided us with a pictorial ride report. I have attempted to get them in order but perhaps we can start a competition to see who can nominate the correct order.

I am impressed by the gear shifting statistics on Mark’s Garmin

The long awaited FNQ Troppy Queensland Record

Gayle informed me today that the ride report has just been published on the FNQ blog. This was the 622km record ride in what has the potential to be a great north and south battle. Bearing in mind that a standard 600km ride is allowed 40 hours, to complete 622km in just 24 hours is amazing.. Read their story here

Historic Brisbane

I wrote in a previous newsletter regarding a challenge a friend and I set at Christmas time for a challenging ride. The Historic Brisbane Ingress banner mission ride isn’t really an Audax ride, but it does have some of the traits of our rides with one exception – no time limit. Have a read of the adventure here.

Completed Rides

Dirty Mee

No completion times are available for this ride however two riders sustained serious injuries during the ride, one requiring evacuation from the course by emergency services. We wish both riders well for their recovery.

A Great Divide Circuit

A new ride in the calendar but unfortunately no results at this time.Results will be published when available.

River Loop July

Five riders braved the morning cold with a 5:30am start and a completion time of just over 2 1/4 hours.

Freedom Ride 400

Two riders completed the Freedom Ride in approximately 21 hours.Judging by the weather it was a tough ride too.

Dirty Boonah Triple 1

This event had 3 distances (56km, 111km and 150km) and an amazing 23 entries. No completion details as yet but these will be published when available.

Statistics from around the country related to bicycle incidents

Brian forwarded this tidy article from Kevin McGilvary explaining some of the data surrounding cycling incidents nation wide. He was spurred on by public interest in the Tour de France and wanted to encourage people to get out and cycle safely. I compiled the information into this article


Keith has shared his experience with disc brakes and upgrades with the caution of ‘defer to an expert’ if you are unsure. Read his experience here.

Upcoming Rides

The Cheap 3 peaks challenge is on this Saturday. If you are intending to participate, you have until 8pm Friday to register. Have a look here for more details.

The Ride Organisers Calendar Workshop is on Saturday July 27 at 10am. If you are intending to become or are interested in learning more about being a Ride organiser, this is a good place to start.Current ride organisers are encouraged to attend.
Please RSVP to Brian before Friday, July 26 as this is a catered event. The RSVP email address is

For more upcoming rides, have a look at the Audax Australia online ride calendar here.

That wraps it up for this edition of the newsletter. If you have any articles, ride reports or photos to contribute, please send them to