Queensland Newsletter February 6th, 2020

John McMullan - 07/02/2020

A very informative start to the Queensland AGM – the investigating officers provide details of the investigation into the death of Martin Pearson. ABC TV’s Australian Story has a two part feature commencing February 17th.

Welcome to the early February edition of the Queensland Newsletter. This edition we have news from the Queensland AGM and a reminder that the National AGM is on February 11th.

Newsworthy Bits

This edition has a few newsworthy items but the first is that Peter Jenkins is missing a bicycle headlight he brought with him to see with when he entered the clubhouse at the AGM (it is dark once the door closes behind you). Peter thinks it is a small Cygolite brand that was in a zip lock bag with a note in with it. Peter thinks it may have found it’s way to the tables containing Martin’s treasure trove. If you have ended up with this light in your goody bag, can you please contact Peter and arrange for it’s return.

Queensland Annual General Meeting

Remembering Martin Pearson. A key part of the Queensland AGM is the presentation of the annual awards including the Martin Pearson Memorial Trophy, presented by Sandy Vigar. This year’s AGM also had guest speakers from the Queensland Police Force who investigated the circumstances of Martins death and provided a lot of insight for the attendees regarding the investigation and the challenges they faced from the incident through to the conviction of the offender. I would like to thank them for sharing their journey and supporting Sandy through the challenging time.

ABC TV’s Australian Story commences this year at 8pm on February 17th with part 1 of Martin and Sandy’s story with the second part of the story to air a week later. The preview for Australian Story is now available at https://www.facebook.com/ABCAustralianStory/videos/198636754520069/

This year’s recipient of the Martin Pearson Memorial Trophy is Jeff Franklin who completed well over 40,000Km last season.

Donations in and out. Sandy brought some boxes of Martin’s inventory to the AGM for people to take any bits and pieces that they wanted with the request that people who do so make a donation to the Associate Professor Martin Pearson Memorial Prize at https://giving.uq.edu.au/funds/associate-professor-martin-pearson-memorial-prizep647

When making your donation, select Choose a Giving Destination, scroll to the bottom of the list and select other, then put Associate Professor Martin Pearson Memorial Prize where it says Type in a Giving Destination. The rest of the page is straight forward.

Brian has the remaining items and will catalog and publish the items in the coming weeks.

Sunshine State 1200

Registration for the Sunshine State 1200 on May 25th is now open with 12 positions available as of the 5th February 2020. More details can be found at https://audax.org.au/feature-ride/sunshine-state-1200-ss1200/

Keep an eye out for further information on facebook, in emails and newsletters.

For those unable to ride the full distance, you can register to ride the return 200km leg back to Brisbane on the final day of the event and remember that it is a one-way ride. Getting back to your car could be tricky but there may be others going to pick up their cars. Keep an eye on the calendar for when registration is opened up.

2020 Fleche Opperman All Day Trial

Time is fast approaching to put together a team and register for this year’s Oppy.

Mark Riley is the Queensland Co-ordinator and Gayle Sticher is co-ordinating the Far North Queensland event.

If people are looking for teams or teams are looking for people, contact Mark or Gayle via the Audax Calendar, or myself at qld.communications@audax.org.au and finally put a call out to the Queensland Riders facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/AudaxQueensland/

Team captains looking for riders:

John McMullan has two Petite Oppy positions up for grabs. the route is constantly being revised to get it as flat as possible! email john at clanmc@tpg.com.au

Ride Reports

Brett Fyfield recalls his riding of the One Lump or Two Brevet Permanent
Read Brett’s story https://audax.org.au/ridereport/one-lump-or-two-220km-brevet-permanent/

Make Your Own ride report

How to create a ride report:
Go to the Audax website www.audax.org.au then select login from the menu bar at the top.
Once logged in, select media then My Ride Reports from the menu
On the right you will see a button “create a ride report” and click on it
Follow the directions in each box and tell your story.
If you want to insert photos – select the insert photo button above the main text window. Remember that all photos must be smaller than 1MB

Completed Rides

Mt Coot-tha Loops (25th January 2020) 50Km BA. This tough hilly ride saw ride saw 19 riders complete the route in times rangign from an even 2 hours to just over 3 1/4 hours.

QLD AGM (2nd February 2020) 50Km BA.14 riders completed in times rangign from a blistering 1 3/4 hours to a very respectable 2 1/4 hours.

Completed Permanents January saw 35 completed permanents.

Maintenance thingies

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail preparation

I sadly didn’t have the opportunity to ride the BVRT 35Km dirt ride earlier in the season as it would have been a great introduction to the rail trail even though I don’t quite have a suitable bike set up. This got me to thinking – what is a suitable bike for the rail trail?

I checked with a couple of riders with BVRT frequent flyer miles to see what I should use and keeping in mind that the BVRT is not really worse than some of the gravel roads I have ridden. Without going to the expense of renovating the house to make more room for additional bicycles (you must have one bicycle for every occasion right?) I confirmed my ability to use my Alloy Giant with flat bars and apply some modifications to make it a little more trail friendly. It also has a suspension seatpost with 40mm of travel so hopefully that and the tyres will provide enough comfort.

Fortunately, PJ had a spare set of very robust wheels I could have (36 spoke, 3 cross rear) which was able to accept a spare 10 speed cassette from my collection (we all have those too don’t we?) with an 11-32 range, giving me an almost 1:1 in the 34:32 combination. With the rail trail predominantly being train friendly grades with a few exceptions I shouldn’t have too much difficulty. Fortunately, my spare cassette bolted on perfectly.

For tyre selection, Justin put me on to a few brands and models but in the end I found an excellent deal on some Panaracer GravelKings – albeit black with red tread in a 38mm combination – the largest size that will fit in the frame A bargain at 40% off. I called in to a LBS on my way home from the AGM and picked up some tubes and lastly I need to visit a local post office to collect the rim tape I ordered on Sunday.

The brakes on the bike are V Brakes so I just need to adjust for the gravel wheels and I should be right.

Once I have finished upgrading Bullwinkle, I will provide some photos and a ride report on how the ride has gone.

Some Retro Cycling

Keith Heinrich has been revising his pool of trusty cycles and has gone (as he puts it) a bit retro:

It may be time for me to write again. I’ve sold the Defy, my high tech Audax ride which I documented a while back now. When sold it was packing big brakes, an armchair, semi automated shifting, a stupendous range of gears and all sorts of other good stuff. While an extremely capable machine, we never really bonded.

And while I mentioned at the time a desire for titanium, I’ve completely changed tack and gone retro, hence Frank.

There’s a long game to this approach, however in the short term a fair amount of development has gone into fixing all the broken things without too significantly defiling the heritage aspect. This was done with safety and reliability in mind primarily rather than performance, but it turned out much better than expected.

Frank started life well specced and would have been amongst the very top high end road bikes of the day. Frank is Super Record equipped, including brakes designed to prevent riders flying off alpine passes. With modern brake pads fitted, Frank stops convincingly no matter the speed or slope of the descent.

The drivetrain has been updated including possibly the only long cage super record rear mech in these parts, hand made to handle the 53-30 front chainring and 30 teeth at the back. Which it does, without drama as intended. Frank rides on custom TB14 based wheels and bulletproof 28mm Vredestein rubber. The wheels only look retro and are very fast indeed. Turns out Frank has both long legs and can tackle the biggest climbs.

The frame incorporates the experience of Rossin racing heritage (and Colnago, but that’s another story) and is built with tubes that are not round. Its noticeably more efficient to send down the road compared to his older brother. It’s also a size bigger than I would usually ride to allow me to stretch out on it and ride comfortably for hours at a time. Despite the Defy being an acclaimed endurance bike, I never found it especially comfortable for a long day out.

The saddle is the one that arrived on the bike, an iscaselle which seems to suit me just fine. Saddles can quite literally be a pain in the butt, I was pleasantly surprised to find this seat working out almost immediately. This was one of the few things that wasn’t broken and worked properly from the get go.

Frank doesn’t mind dirt roads which is great because the plan is l’eroica next year. Meanwhile Frank is going to be doing as many brevets and steelie rides as I can squeeze in between now and then.

Because it’s all about arriving, not how fast you get there.

It’s not the GPS you are looking for….(a survey – continued)

Often new riders ask which GPS people use and which one is better. I am calling for riders to send me two good things about their current GPS and two things that annoy them. I won’t publish anything to identify riders, just collate and publish the results of this survey. Thanks to the several riders who have provided some information so far.

Can you send these items and the brand / model to qld.communications@audax.org.au in the following format:

Brand / Model
Two good things
Two annoying things

Upcoming Rides

For a full roundup of all calendar events, have a look at the Audax website https://www.audax.org.au/portal/rides/calendar

Saturday February 8th – Moreton Bay Ride – 160KM BA, 200Km BRM

6am Starting and finishing at Strathpine, the Classic Imperial closely follows the route of the original Moreton Bay Classic Imperial from days gone by touring Dayboro, Kurwongba, the undulations of Moorina (the easy way) and back via the peninsula.
The BRM extends the route at Sandgate to travel to the Gateway Bridge and return via some familiar roads but omits the Bray Park final section.

Tuesday February 11th – River Loop Social Ride

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a loose group ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast at Plenty in West End. Just turn up and ride, no booking necessary

Saturday February 15th – Horizontal Hundred UAF -100Km UAF

7am start at the Nundah Crit track. Flatter than the Netherlands and some nice scenery too. An easy paced group ride on a very flat route utilising mostly lightly trafficked roads and cycle paths. A good introduction for newcomers to the gentle art of UAF or Eurodax. Includes a leisurely brunch at Scarborough. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Tuesday February 18th – River Loop Social Ride

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a loose group ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast at Plenty in West End. Just turn up and ride, no booking necessary

Saturday February 22nd – Gregor’s Creek Circuit 200km BRM

6:30am start at the Fernvale Futures Center car park. A scenic undulating ride skirting the Brisbane Valley Lakes.

Tuesday February 25th– River Loop Social Ride

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a loose group ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast at Plenty in West End. Just turn up and ride, no booking necessary

Saturday February 29th – Round the Mountains 300km, 400Km BRM

6:00am start at The Gap Park and Ride. Scenic ride from The Gap, through Caboolture, Kilcoy, Esk etc. around the mountains west of Brisbane back to The Gap.

Sunday March 1st – BVRT 70 – The “Just Right” Dirt Ride 70Km BD

7:00am start at Clock Park Lowood. A pleasant ride to Esk for lunch at the Bakery or Red Deer followed by a downhill (in places) return journey. The “Goldilocks” distance in the BVRT Dirt Series.

Sunday March 1st – Wet and Wild Wondecla– 42Km BD

7am start at the Wondecla Sports Ground, 1190 Longlands Gap Road. Ride through the hills, rainforest and open sclerophyll forests around Wondecla. Cruise through local MTB history on sections of the former 8 hour route and stop for some pics of the views and rusty/broken stuff along the way. This area was part of the original Cobb and Co route – Ravenshoe to Atherton.

That is a wrap up for the this edition of the newsletter. If you have any articles, please send them to qld.communications@audax.org.au. If you have any ride reports, please enter them on the website.

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