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Queensland Newsletter December 12th, 2019

HMQS Gayundah – a familiar site at Woody Point on many a South East route.

Summer has certainly arrived with last Saturday’s temperatures reaching 40 degrees in areas of Brisbane. As we approach Christmas we should all take care in the heat and keep hydrated. All of my non Audax cycling friends stayed inside on the day. We Randonneurs are a hardy bunch.

Newsworthy Bits

Extreme heat policy for rides

Ride Organisers are reminded to keep an eye on summer temperatures for upcoming rides. The extreme heat policy is here:

When considering application of the policy, please consult with the regional president (Brian in Queensland’s case). There are several options available that may allow ride options to continue (as did occur with Peachy Mee last weekend) where ride lengths were restricted to distances where the maximum temperature was not forecast to be exceeded.

Another item to consider at the moment is the location of current fires – these are advised at and the current map is at Both resources should be checked with the dry conditions in our region.

Ride Reports

Make Your Own ride report

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, you can now make your own ride report and it is published on the Audax website.
What you need: A photo (smaller than 1MB) as a featured image, an Audax membership to log on with and a good story to tell.

How to create a ride report:
Go to the Audax website then select login from the menu bar at the top.
Once logged in, select media then My Ride Reports from the menu
On the right you will see a button “create a ride report” and click on it
Follow the directions in each box and tell your story.
If you want to insert photos – select the insert photo button above the main text window. Remember that all photos must be smaller than 1MB

Recent Ride Reports

Keith Heinrich joined us on Saturday for the Peachy Mee 50km.

Tara Horner penned:
This morning’s social River Loop welcomed the return of El Presidenté Brian Hornby. Great to have you with us again, after four months off.
Special props to Scott McCarthy for providing the wheels to make it possible. That’s Brian on the orange Catrike, and George up front on the complementary purple Catrike.
We had about a dozen riders this morning, and a great show of the maroon and gold jersey. Best way to start a Tuesday!
See Brian in action:

Completed Rides

River Loop (3rd December) 50Km BA / 100Km BA. 5 riders completed the 50km in about 2 1/4 hours and one intrepid rider completed the 100 in 5 1/5 hours

Maintenance thingies

How much do we notice when we go to our local bike shop where the bicycles have all these added extras? These include wheel, front and rear reflectors and no pedals? These things are all required to meet manufacturing and supplier legal obligations as required for bicycles. In Western Australia, you also are required to have reflectors on the pedals (have you noticed that clipless pedals don’t come with the bikes…this supports the WA Bike shops)
I also discovered that for kids bikes, they are also required to have back pedal brakes and chainring guards. The chainring guards come in two forms – a full guard mainly found once again on kids or cruiser bikes and the simple split ring that is attached to each side of the chain ring. The latter also has a second function – to prevent the chain from coming completely off the chainring in non-vertical situations (ie an unscheduled dismount)
At some time during the year, the guard on my grandson’s bike started getting out of shape and eventually broke it’s mountings at one point resulting in several jammed chains and a grumpy child.
Being a little clever and knowing that my bikes don’t have guards, I destructively removed his broken guard only to have him complain that the chain was coming off all the time. I researched some new guards but didn’t find anything on the ‘bay and I wasn’t going to ring the LBS because the guard comes with a bicycle kit and I wasn’t prepared to buy a bike to get a guard. Being a bit industrious and having a 3D printer I decided to make a sample guard that was assembled in 4 pieces to allow me to fit it without needing to pull the cranks and pedals off.

The next version will have a join locking mechanism. Very functional for a first attempt and colour matched

Upcoming Rides

For a full roundup of all calendar events, have a look at the Audax website

Saturday December 14th – Tamborine Short Circuit – 86Km BA

6:30am start from Noyer Park Windaroo, out to Tamborine via backroads, across the mountain W to E with a coffee break on top, and some bonus hills in the 2nd half.

Tuesday December 17th – River Loop Social Ride

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a loose group ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast at Plenty in West End.

Saturday December 21st AudaxMas Party

Commencing at noon Members and partners can celebrate the year that was and the year to come.

Tuesday December 24th – River Loop Social Ride

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a loose group ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast at Plenty in West End.

Saturday December 28th – Festive 500 Part A – 200Km BRM

5am start at Ferny Grove. Looking at completing the Festive 500 in two rides? This is the start of your answer!

Sunday December 29th – Festive 500 Part B – 300Km BRM

6am start at Strathpine. Looking at completing the Festive 500 in two rides? This is the end of your answer!

Monday January 1st – 11 out of Eleven – 111Km BA (Supported)

6am Start at Dutton Park. Start your 2020 by riding the first Audax in the new year on this supported ride with a shiny revised route.

Tuesday January 7th – River Loop Social Ride – 50KM / 100KM BA

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a loose group ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast at Plenty in West End. 50km is an extended River Loop via 17 Mile Rocks and the 100km gets an extra loop over Mt Coottha to Wacol and return.

Saturday January 11th – Esk at Night – 101Km BA, 201Km / 301Km BRM (Supported)

2PM start at Esk. Starts at Esk for a fully supported afternoon ride to Toogoolawal, Mt Beppo, Somerset, then part way up the Hampton hill before reaching Esk around sunset. Night leg Esk, Fernvale, Lowood, Lowood loop, Laidley, Gatton, Coominya and Esk.

Sunday January 12th Colt 50 – 53Km BG

6:30am at the Tolga Pub. Welcome to the first Audax ride in FNQ. This year is off to an adventurous start on backroads, road reserves, rail trails and bits of black stuff. Starting and finishing at the Tolga Pub, this scenic route will take you to bits of the Tablelands that you never knew existed.
Ride contains 33km of unsealed road/tracks. An off-road capable bike (mountain, hybrid, cyclocross, etc.) is highly recommended.

That is a wrap up for the this edition of the newsletter. If you have any articles, please send them to If you have any ride reports, please enter them on the website.