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Queensland Newsletter April 18th, 2019

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Here we are at the start of the Autumn riding weather for another edition of the Queensland Newsletter. Several rides have completed since the last newsletter with mixed results and we have some on and off road rides coming up so check out the details below.

DIY maintenance

As some riders know, I undertake a lot of my own bicycle maintenance. Mostly successful, some not so. I put together my journey so far which may help you decide if you want to take on some maintenance yourself. Read my journey in Bicycle maintenance.

Fine Print

It seems that understanding the rules of Audax take a while to rummage through. Even I ask questions to get clarity.  The important items like controls and times seem to be well understood but one of our riders could have benefited from knowing in advance one of the hidden gems of sticking to the route – you can actually leave the route at any point, but you must rejoin at the same location. For example, the Easter Eggsertion runs a kilometer from my house so if I wanted to pick up something I forgot, as long as I re-joined where I left off I could do so. In this case, the rider could have ridden home, addressed a pressing tire pressure problem and grabbed a few hours rest before re-joining.

Completed Rides

Anthony provided an RO’s report for the Yeronga Medley 2

We had a record turnout, for the Yeronga Medley – a total of 27 riders register. These were for distances of 5 x 109 km, 9 x 200 km, 1 x 300 km, 8 x 400 km, 4 x 600. Jeff Franklin did his fastest 600 (27h00) and Nick Booth is gearing up for PBP with a strong 400 (15h06). The highlight for me was to see a live red bellied black snake slither across the road on Beckwith Rd as we were coming fast downhill. Great riding conditions on Saturday and Sunday – sunny but not too hot, and calm wind. Nice and green west of Brisbane. Feedback from the 600 riders is they like the new 600 course, because of the varied terrain going west of Brisbane on Day 1 and south of Brisbane on Day 2 – and also the fact that it is flat.

Stats for the event:

  • 27 entries, 26 starters, 22 finished.
  • 109km just under 5 hours to just under 7 hours
  • 201km just under 9 1/4 hours to just over 12 1/2
  • 301km just under 14 1/4 hours
  • 404km just over 15 hours to just under 22 3/4 hours
  • 600km 27 hours neat to just under 38 hours.

Atherton 400

Gayle had a total of 6 entries for the Atherton 400 with all riders completing in times ranging from just over 19 hours to just over 20 1/2 hours.

Downs and Back 300

Vaughan had 9 starters with 8 completing for the inaugural Downs and Back 300 as a single event. Tricky thing to note is that the ride length is 315km, still required to be completed in the 20 hours. Finishing times ranged from just over 14 hours to just under 20 hours.

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 40

Two starters that completed the ride in 2 1/2 hours.

Ride Reports

Ride reports have been a bit scarce of late so please take the time to provide us with your experience with your rides. Please send them to

Almost Downs and Back

I recalled my ride with Peter Lovell on the Almost Downs and Back. It was a pretty good day out that was almost perfect. Read here….

Atherton 400

Gayle is working on a ride report for the Atherton 400 and should be posted in the near future. All the northern ride reports can be found here

Tour de Brisbane

I read Tara’s words on her venture for the Downs and Back 300. Backing up the D&B300 with the Tour de Brisbane was not an option for Tara, but I valiantly took up the challenge with my grandson and daughter. Read about my grandson’s experience in the Tour de Brisbane

Something Techy

Well, not quite somethign techy but definitely something to consider is bike security when popping to the coffee or other shops. There are a plethora of options out there but who wants to weigh their steed down with heavy u-locks for the 2 minute jog into the supermarket? We all have a favourite and I welcome feedback in this area. Send any feedback to Personally, I use a lightweight composite cable with a small lock for the brief stops on longer rides and wire rope at work. Keith has provided us with a bit of a report on his recent find. Read Keith’s write-up on Cafe Locks

Upcoming Rides

Click on the ride name for more information and online registration.

Easter Eggsertion (2019)

A scenic ride to Kilcoy for lunch, Then it’s all flat back to Brighton (yes… really. See proposed route revision.)

Ride Date: 20-Apr-2019 7:00 am

Mt Mee Dawn Service. (2019)


Early morning we remember those that went before us to give and sacrifice so much. Riding from Samford to the Mt Mee service, opposite the Mt Mee School. Riders are free to ride their own path or go beyond on their return trip. Mt Mee is 50km return from

Ride Date: 25-Apr-2019 3:00 am

Rocky Gully Ramble (2019)

Rocky Gully Ramble2019

Choice of distances around the Brisbane and Lockyer Valleys.

Ride Date: 27-Apr-2019 6:30 am

Eight Tablelands Towns in a Day (2019)

Control 1

Three courses on offer –200km road, 100km road and a 75km gravel/black stuff combo. Just the thing for staying dry and on flatter roads in the wet season.

Ride Date: 28-Apr-2019 6:30 am

Downs & Back 600 (2019)

Westlake to Dalby on Darling Downs and return.

Ride Date: 04-May-2019 7:00 am

River Loop May (2019)


A social ride followed by a coffee somewhere interesting on Montague Rd

Ride Date: 07-May-2019 5:30 am

Bedrock (2019)


Scenic rides over Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious.

Ride Date: 11-May-2019 6:30 am

Fleche’s Big TrOppy (2019)

Control 1 2

After our cyclonic efforts in 2018, FNQ is the only place in Australia with a different date for the Oppy.  So set up your local team and join those visiting southerners looking for a second crack at this Australia-wide Audax event.  Teams of 3, 4 or 5 bicycles. Choose your own starting point and plan your own route – just ride 360km in the 24hrs from Saturday morning. Join all the teams for a Sunday morning breakfast at Port Douglas to brag about your efforts!

Ride Date: 18-May-2019 7:00 am

Fassifern Folly (2019)


A meander through the food bowl of the Fassifern Valley taking in country scenery and mountain vistas. The ride will be undulating and traverse some of the less travelled roads in the valley.

Ride Date: 19-May-2019 7:00 am