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Queensland Newsletter, 20th February 2020

Audax Cycling, UAF style

Welcome to the late February edition of the Queensland Newsletter. This edition we have a round-up of the national and regional AGMs, a reminder to tune in to ABC’s Australian Story, a reminder to start registering teams for the Oppy, some ride reports and a tiny bit of maintenance.

Newsworthy bits

Australian Story – The Only Witness

Last edition contained details from Sandy Vigar and the Police officers who investigated the death of Martin Pearson. ABCs Australian Story Series has part 1 of the story out on ABC iView and Youtube. You can catch up here: Part 2 will be broadcast on February 24th at 8pm.

Fleche Opperman All Day Trial – March 21st – only 5 weeks away!

Mark Riley has been sending a few reminders to register for this year’s Oppy. Whilst we typically register for rides closer to the date, the Oppy has a bit more pre-administration that the RO’s need to undertake as Brevets need to be distributed prior to the Oppy (you won’t see the RO at the start). Riders looking for teams or teams looking for riders can email otr contact team captains directly. Remember that ream captains need to register prior to the remainder of the team.

Mark has updated the Queensland Oppy page – you can find it in the QLD Oppy tab here:

Miles Vass is on the mend!

Miles was struck by a motorist while cycling on 31 December and suffered some damage to his spine. He had ongoing pain and they noticed deterioration to the nerves over time. 

Recent surgery has gone a long way to helping Mile’s discomfort. He says the pain in his arm has already reduced and medics say he’ll make a full recovery. He’s hoping to complete his first Audax in June/July, the GSR in November, and a Year Round Randonneur next season. 
Miles just wanted to let everyone know that he’s come out of the surgery and is doing well. 

We wish Miles a quick recovery.

AGM Roundup

The Queensland AGM was held on February 2nd. The following is the make-up of the Queensland Region committee:

President: Brian Hornby
Vice President: Gayle Sticher
Treasurer: Heath Carney
Brevet Secretary: Vaughan Kippers
Calendar Coordinator: Peter Jenkins
Communications Officer: John McMullan
Secretary:  Tara Horner
General Committee Members: Scott McCarthy, Paul Witzerman, Kym Raffelt, Raoul Dover, Peter Watson, Pat Lehane.

Every AGM awards are presented to attendees who applied. Recipients this year are:

  • Ruth Brown: Australian Super Randonneur
  • Heath Carney: 5,000km Annual award, Year Round Randonneur and Nouveau Randonneur
  • Raoul Dover: 25,000km Lifetime Award, 10,000km annual award, Australian Randonneur Award (25,000km), Year Round Randonneur, Australian Super Randonneur (x3), Dirt series and Nouveau Randonneur.
  • Jeff Franklin: Martin Pearson Memorial Trophy
  • Mark Harris: 5,000km Annual Award, Year Round Randonneur, Australian Super Randonneur, Nouveau Randonneur
  • Keith Heinrich: Nouveau Randonneur
  • Brian Hornby: 7,500km Annual Award, Year Round Randonneur, ACP Super Randonneur, Australian Super Randonneur, Nouveau Randonneur
  • Tara Horner: 25,000km Lifetime Award, 10,000km Annual Award, Year Round Randonneur, Gran Tourismo Super Randonneur, ACP Super Randonneur (x3), Australian Super Randonneur
  • Peter Jenkins: 2,500km Annual Award, Year Round Randonneur, Dirt Series
  • Thomas Matya: 2,500km Annual Award, Australian Super Randonneur, Nouveua Randonneur
  • Scott McCarthy: 10,000km Annual Award, Gran Tourismo Super Randonneur, ACP Super Randonneur, Australian Super Randonneur, Nouveau Randonneur
  • John McMullan: 2,500km Annual Award, Petite Year Round Randonneur
  • Kym Raffelt: Australian Super Randonneur
  • David Taylor: 2,500km Annual Award, Petite Year Round Randonneur, Australian Super Randonneur, Nouveau Randonneur
  • Frederik Vekeman: 2,500km Annual Award, ACP Super Randonneur
  • Peter Watson: 5,000km Annual Award, Year Round Randonneur, Dirt Series, Nouveau Randonneur
  • Paul Witzerman: ACP Super Randonneur

The National AGM was held on February 11th. The new Committee is:

The elected National Committee is:

  • President: Garry Wall
  • Vice-President: Thomas Price
  • Treasurer: Kevin Grimmer
  • Secretary: Bruce Berg von Lindhe

General Member positions are held by:

  • David Riddel
  • Tiffany Winchester
  • Tom Nankivell
  • Peter Carr

The remaining 7 members of the National Committee are the State Representatives (not necessarily Regional Presidents). These may change with region elections, and are currently:

  • Charles Cooke (VIC)
  • Howard Dove (NSW)
  • Charlene Barach (TAS)
  • James Litt (SA)
  • Peter Heal (ACT)
  • Gary Peakall (WA)
  • Brian Hornby (Qld)


The club is proud and honoured to present Lifetime Membership to Alan Walker and Russell Noble.

Outstanding Member was awarded to Simon Watt for his continued dedication to the club.

Additional awards presented include:


  • Michael Bentley
  • Thomas Price
  • Kerri-Ann Smith


  • Kevin Ware (125,000 km)
  • Thomas Price (75,000 km)
  • Tim Taylor (75,000 km)
  • David Kerr (50,000 km)
  • Peter Jenkins (25,000 km)
  • Mark Lloyd (25,000 km)


  • Peter Carr
  • Charles Cooke
  • Dome Deli
  • Raoul Dover
  • Rodney Geisert
  • Peter Heal
  • Warren Page
  • Graeme Poile
  • Richard Reed
  • David Riddel
  • Tiffany Winchester

Ride Reports

Horizontal Hundred – UAF Style

Paul Guarrera took part in his first UAF style ride recently and recounts his experience here:

Both Peter Jenkins and myself have slightly different yardsticks so to speak to ensure we are on time throughout the stages on a UAF style ride – Peter measures in 30km sections, me in 20. The result is the same high quality 22.5kmh average.

Colt 50

Far North Queensland may not have had much distance in their latest dirt ride but they sure made up for it with 150 registrations. You can read how a team of volunteers pulled together yet another amazing feat up north here

Make Your Own ride report

How to create a ride report:
Go to the Audax website then select login from the menu bar at the top.
Once logged in, select media then My Ride Reports from the menu
On the right you will see a button “create a ride report” and click on it
Follow the directions in each box and tell your story.
If you want to insert photos – select the insert photo button above the main text window. Remember that all photos must be smaller than 1MB

Completed Rides

Moreton Bay Ride (8th February 2020) 168Km BA, 200km BRM There were two routes prepared for each distance as SouthEast Queensland had a severe drenching with road closures in many areas and the alternates were prepared to avoid the riders descending to a potentially flooded bridge then needing to ride back up. Needless to say, the choice was left to individual riders on the day which had surprisingly little rainfall out of the predicted 30mm. 3 riders completed the 160km in times from 7 3/4 hours to 8 1/2 hours and the 200km was completed in times from just under 9 1/4 hours to 9 1/2 hours.

Horizontal Hundred UAF style (15th February 2020). Unsurprisingly, all 16 riders completed the route in the required UAF speed of 22.5kmh.

Rules are meant to be broken followed

It is worthwhile having a bit of a refresher read of the Audax rules as some of these may actually get you out of a bit of bother, along with a call to the ride organiser. On a recent ride, one of the riders had a tyre give way and due to unfamiliarity with the route, turned around several kilometers from the first control (giving a 40km return trip) only to spend some time finding a bike shop close to the start location to get a tyre and then pull out of the ride. The lesson from the rules is that you can request help but it can only be given at the control. In this case, the rider could have requested delivery of a tyre at the control. A quick phone call to the RO would have provided advice of the distance to the next control, advice on the rule and maybe even have delivered a loan tyre.

Maintenance thingies

My current ride is a 2012 Defy with the aero seatpost. As most people who have had the aero seatpost are aware, not much in the way of standard fittings actually fit these seatposts however I have been fortunate enough to buy some LifeLine rear lights that do seem to work as the attachment uses a rubber strap. When I first purchased the bike I made a reflector fitting using my 3d printer that attached to the seat rails. This was a good idea at the time however at some point it became loose, slid forward and caused me an injury on the inner thigh.

A bit of searching on the web resulted in a 3d design for a light fitting designed to suit a Bontrager rear light. A simple bit of modifying in Tinkercad and the new reflector assembly is printed and on, ready for the next ride.

It’s not the GPS you are looking for….(a survey – continued even further – hint hint)

Please send me two good things about your current GPS and two things that annoy you. I won’t publish anything to identify riders, just collate and publish the results of this survey. Thanks to the several riders who have provided some information so far.

Can you send these items and the brand / model to in the following format:

Brand / Model
Two good things
Two annoying things

Upcoming Rides

For a full roundup of all calendar events, have a look at the Audax website

Saturday February 22nd – Gregor’s Creek Circuit – 100Km BA, 200km, 300km BRM

6:30am start at the Fernvale Futures Center car park. A scenic undulating ride skirting the Brisbane Valley Lakes. Multiple distances are available

Tuesday February 25th– River Loop Social Ride

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a loose group ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast at Plenty in West End. Just turn up and ride, no booking necessary

Saturday February 29th – Round the Mountains 300km, 400Km BRM

6:00am start at The Gap Park and Ride. Scenic ride from The Gap, through Caboolture, Kilcoy, Esk etc. around the mountains west of Brisbane back to The Gap.

Sunday March 1st – BVRT 70 – The “Just Right” Dirt Ride 70Km BD

7:00am start at Clock Park Lowood. A pleasant ride to Esk for lunch at the Bakery or Red Deer followed by a downhill (in places) return journey. The “Goldilocks” distance in the BVRT Dirt Series.

Sunday March 1st – Wet and Wild Wondecla– 42Km BD

7am start at the Wondecla Sports Ground, 1190 Longlands Gap Road. Ride through the hills, rainforest and open sclerophyll forests around Wondecla. Cruise through local MTB history on sections of the former 8 hour route and stop for some pics of the views and rusty/broken stuff along the way. This area was part of the original Cobb and Co route – Ravenshoe to Atherton.

Tuesday March 3rd – River Loop March 50km, 100km BA

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a loose group ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast at Plenty in West End. The 100km route then climbs Mt Coot-tha travelling to Wacol and return.

Saturday March 7th – Beach and Bush – 200km BRM – Semi Supported

7:00am start at River Esplanade Mooloolaba and traverses some urban roads and paths before some highway traffic to Landsborough. Thence via country roads through Beerwah and a gentle climb through Peachester and Bald Knob to Maleny, Kenilworth, Cooroy, Noosa Heads then returning to Mooloolaba.

Tuesday March 10th – River Loop Social Ride

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a loose group ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast at Plenty in West End. Just turn up and ride, no booking necessary

Saturday March 14th – Roller Coaster Ride – 100Km BA

6:30am start near the Lillybrook Shopping Center in Kallangur then heading towards the hilly Brisbane Hinterland, this ride will offer you stunning views when climbing Mt.Mee and flowy rides through cattle properties as well as breathtaking downhills on serpentine mountain roads with seemingly never ending ups and downs that will make your legs scream. This ride may not have the most elevation gain but it is never flat and you won’t get much of a break.

Tuesday March 17th – River Loop Social Ride

5:30 am start opposite the Regatta Hotel. This is a loose group ride with assembly locations at key points along the ride. Breakfast at Plenty in West End. Just turn up and ride, no booking necessary

Saturday March 21st – Fleche Opperman All Day Trial minimum 180km (Petite), minimum 360KM (Full Oppy)

8am start where-ever you chose, finishing at the designated breakfast locations for Sunday at 8am.

South East Queensland Full Oppy

South East Queensland Petite Oppy

I will provide the links in the next newsletter for the Far North Queensland Registrations once available.

That is a wrap up for the this edition of the newsletter. If you have any articles, please send them to If you have any ride reports, please enter them on the website.