What is a Permanent?

Brevet Permanents events (Permanents) were introduced by Audax Australia in 2008/9.
Since then the number of permanents both ridden and offered have increased enormously.
They suit members who forany reason are unable to ride the calendar events, are visiting another area, need the discipline of
riding a brevet etc.
Permanents are intended for experienced randonneurs and only Audax Australia members can enter.
These brevets are not internationally recognised and are  not qualifiers for international rides (e.g. Paris-Brest-Paris) or
international awards (e.g. Audax Club Parisien's Randonneur 5000 award).
Most of Audax Australia's Ride Rules apply to Permanents with some exceptions; these can be found in the Permanents Rules.
A lighting/reflective garment check by the organiser is not required but the other aspects of the lighting/reflective garment regulations apply.


Permanents that are being offered are 'fixed route' brevets; that is, each route has a specified course and specified start,
finish and intermediate checkpoints  (but not necessarily a specific address).
The organiser has the option to conduct secret controls on a Permanent's route.

If you have a suggestion for a Permanent route, please contact the rides co-ordinator and/or regional president in your region.

Average Speeds
The minimum average speeds for road Permanents (including stops) are:
•15 kph for events up to 699 km
•13.3 kph for events 700 to 1299 km
•12 kph for events 1300 to 1899 km
•10 kph for events 1900 to 2499 km
•200 km per day for events over 2499 km
The closing time for intermediate checkpoints and to complete a permanent is calculated by applying the minimum average speed
on a pro rata basis.

As an example, a 225 km calendar brevet (ACP homologated) must be completed within 13 hr 30 min despite the extra 25 km;
it is a fixed maximum time.
A successful 225 km road Permanent can take up to 15 hours (225 km/15 kph = 15 hr).
Conversely, a 200 km road Permanent must be finished within 13 hr 20 min (= 200 km/15 kph).
The normal maximum speeds apply.

The minimum average speed for a dirt Permanent is calculated the same as a Brevet Dirt ride.

How do I enter?

Each Permanent route has an organiser. If you want to enter a Permanent you will need to:
•contact the organiser (should be) at least a week in advance nominating the route and date you intend to ride the Permanent; and
•use the online registration to register and get your brevet card in PDF which you print yourself.
The day of the ride

On the day you have chosen to ride the Permanent and as no organiser will be present at the start,
you will be responsible for ensuring that you have lighting and a reflective garment to satisfy the Audax ride rules
and you will need to get the brevet card signed and time entered at the start by a shopkeeper,
passer-by or other disinterested person (or obtain some other proof such as an ATM receipt).
In other respects riding a Permanent is the same as any other unsupported ride.
To get a successful ride homologated, you will need to follow the instructions in registration email. Take a photo of your completed brevet card and upload it using the link that you received in your registration email. If you DNF please contact the ride organiser and let them know.


Search for available permanents using the Search Tool


Read the Permanents Rules


Permanent routes available in your region are listed below:

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