Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux

The mainstays of Australia's long distance cycling are Brevets Randonneur Mondiaux, certified by Audax Club Parisien as part of the international network of randonneuring nations, les Randonneurs Mondiaux. These are calendar events of 200 to 1000 km – the distances that mark a true long distance randonneur. Every region offers BRM rides throughout the year.

The rides are time-limited and controlled through a series of time and distance checks recorded in a brevet card carried by the rider. Time limits are broadly based on a minimum average speed of 15 kph – including rest stops – up to 600 km and 12.5 kph over that. A 200 km brevet must be completed in 13½ hours, a 300 km brevet in 20 hours, a 400 km brevet in 27 hours, a 600 km in 40 hours and a 1000 km in 75 hours. Riders must reach the final control and all controls along the way by the specified times to be successful.

Riders participate as individuals and ride at the speed at which they are comfortable – "allure libre". Ride organisers provide brevet card, maps and cue sheets. Depending on the numbers participating in any given ride, riders may ride alone, or in small or larger informal bunches of similar paced riders.

Most BRMs are unsupported, with self-sufficiency and the ability to navigate, and manage food and rest stops the norm. Riders validate brevet cards at designated 'control' locations, or answer questions at places designated as 'information controls'. Other rides are supported by the ride organiser and volunteers providing some level of food, drink and even rest spots.

More detailed rules about time limits, lighting requirements and expectations of riders, bicycles and behaviour may be found in the Ride Rules.

Many Audax Australia members aspire to become a Super Randonneur – one who has completed each of a 200, 300, 400 and 600 km Brevet Randonneur Mondiaux in a riding year.