For residents of southeast Queensland, there are rides starting in various suburbs of Brisbane and others that start in Ipswich,Toowoomba, Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and hinterlands. Riders further north have not been neglected, as Peter Robertson has organised a number of events in Central Queensland.

Most rides include hilly sections. Longer rides start on Saturdays but some of the shorter rides are scheduled for Sundays. 

If you want to see what it is all about, enter a shorter (50/100 km) ride that is "supported" and enjoy the day on your bike. 

Permanent rides are available in Queensland


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Queensland Contacts:

President: Brian Hornby

Communicatons: Mark Riley

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Treasurer: Kym Raffelt

Brevet Secretary: Nick Burnett

Communicatons: Mark Riley

Calendar Coordinator: Peter Jenkins


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General Committee Members:

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Vaughan Kippers

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Qld Upcoming Rides

Sat 24 March
Anywhere in Far North Queensland 180km Route MapRegistration
Anywhere 180km Registration
Anywhere in Far North Queensland 360km Registration
St Lucia 360km Registration
Anywhere in Nth Australia 360km 
Anywhere in Nth Australia 400km Route Map
Tue 27 March
Regatta Ferry Stage Toowong 40km Route Map
Sat 31 March
Mackay 150km Route Map
10 Sunwell St. Brighton 300km Route MapRegistration
Tue 3 April
Toowong 50km Route MapRegistration
Toowong 100km Route MapRegistration
Sat 7 April
49 Rhyndarra St. Yeronga 110km Route MapRegistration
49 Rhyndarra St. Yeronga 200km Route MapRegistration
49 Rhyndarra St. Yeronga 300km Route MapRegistration
49 Rhyndarra St. Yeronga 400km Route MapRegistration
49 Rhyndarra St. Yeronga 600km Route MapRegistration
Tue 10 April
Regatta Ferry Stage Toowong 40km Route Map