Audax Australia transitioned to a new membership system on Sunday 27th of September 2015. 

The system allows Members to update their own records. It allows joining and renewals of Individual and Family Memberships with much less manual work for our Membership Secretary. It provides better contact to Members through integrated e-mail utilities and in the future will provide Members access to brevet/ride history and event registration.

For new Members joining after December, the membership price will be calculated on a daily pro-rata basis (number of days remaining in the Audax calendar year). New Members joining in October this year will receive up to 13 months membership for the price of 12 months, so now is the time to encourage friends to join.

New Login
The e-mail address you registered with Audax will be your login name. Over the weekend Members will receive an e-mail with password details, instruction how to change the password and how to edit your membership details. Once you have received your password details please login to the system and check your personal details. There is a field for Emergency Contacts, and we ask that everyone take the time to fill this in.

New Membership Number
Apart from being able to edit your own personal details, the most obvious change for Members will be your membership number. A new membership number will be allocated. For existing Members we will retain a record of your current membership number and you will see it in your profile as "Legacy Member ID".

What do you need to do?

  • When you receive your login details (via e-mail) follow the instructions to login and change your password.
  • Check your profile and update any incorrect details.
  • Update your Emergency Contact details.
  • Take note of your Membership Number.
  • For some of us it's time to renew our membership. If your membership needs renewal a link will be offered to perform the renewal. Payment available through a secure payment gateway.


Life Members
You will receive an e-mail with details, and should follow the process to login and verify your contact details, as above. Your membership is set to Life Membership and will not require payment.

Need help with the new system or just have questions? E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details and we'll get back to you.


Upcoming Rides

Fri 19 January
SA Norwood 138km Route MapRegistration
SA Norwood 200km Route MapRegistration
Sat 20 January
NSW Hornsby 100km InformationRoute MapRegistration
NSW Hornsby 150km InformationRoute MapRegistration
NSW Hornsby 200km InformationRoute MapRegistration
QLD Anzac Park, Toowong 50km Route MapRegistration
TAS Hobart Cenotaph/ Intercity Cycleway 300km Route MapRegistration
VIC The Basin 100km Route MapRegistration
WA East Perth Train Station 200km Route MapRegistration
WA East Perth Train Station 300km Route MapRegistration
Sun 21 January
VIC Kernot 50km Route MapRegistration
VIC Kernot 100km Route MapRegistration
VIC Kernot 150km Route MapRegistration
VIC Kernot 150km Route MapRegistration
VIC Kernot 200km Route MapRegistration
Mon 22 January
VIC Bright 62km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 110km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 163km Route MapRegistration
Tue 23 January
VIC Bright 50km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 107km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 158km Route MapRegistration
Wed 24 January
VIC Bright 51km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 99km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 153km Route MapRegistration
Thu 25 January
VIC Bright 50km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 50km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 50km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 100km Route MapRegistration
VIC Bright 150km Route MapRegistration