The Annual General Meeting of the Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc will be held at 8pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) on Thursday 7th of February 2019. The AGM will be hosted by an online teleconference facility. In nominated cities a room will be provided. To attend the AGM you must register online to allow planning of rooms and provision of services. Members who have registered will receive details of locations and access via email before the meeting.

Election of National Committee

At the close of the extended nomination period exactly one nomination has been received for each position, as such the nominee will be confirmed (without ballot) at the AGM. 

Notice of Special Resolution

In addition to the ordinary business of the AGM, Members will be asked to approve as a special resolution: "New Constitution: That Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc replace the existing Constitution of Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc with the new Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc Constitution attached to this notice of meeting, with the adoption of the new Constitution to take effect from such date as Consumer Affairs Victoria approves the new Constitution.”

Attachments for the Special Resolution include the proposed new constitution and a Notice of Special Resolution which includes a summary of changes, justifications and declaration of support by the national committee for the change. Please read the Notice of Special Resolution for more information and note that questions regarding the constitution changes should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Agenda and Attachments

The agenda for the meeting below forms part of this notice. Other attachments will be made available to members through the AGM notice on the Audax Website.

Proxy Votes

Authority to vote by proxy may be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They must be sent by email from the email address your Audax Australia membership is linked to. In the email you must specify the name and member number of the person who you authorise to vote on your behalf, or nominate that the chairperson of the meeting is your proxy. Proxy nominations must be received by 1 February 2019.

The text of the proxy email must contain:

I, (name) member (member number) being a financial member of Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc. appoint the chairperson of the meeting as my proxy to vote for me on my behalf at the annual general meeting of the Club to be held on 7 February 2019.   


I, (name) member (member number) being a financial member of Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc. appoint (name of nominee) member (member number of nominee) being a financial member of the Club as my proxy to vote for me on my behalf at the annual general meeting of the Club to be held on 7 February 2019.

Russell Noble


  1. Attendance and Apologies
  2. Confirmation of Agenda
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  4. President's Report
  5. Treasurer's Report
  6. Special Resolution: New Constitution
  7. Election of Office bearers and Committee Members for 2019
  8. General Business
  9. Presentation of awards for service to Audax Australia
  10. Announcement and presentation of Cycling Awards
  11. Other business
  12. Meeting Close

As part of the commitment we made to simplifying and reducing administration burden we are now making available to all ride organisers the new Online RORT tool which is used to submit ride results. Online RORT tool replaces the RORT Spreadsheet which has been used to submit results for many years.

The Online RORT tool dramatically reduces the workload of brevet secretaries by removing unnecessary re-entry of data, copy and pasting and manual processes. Our testing over the past months has found that for Ride Organisers and Brevet Secretaries it reduces work. For riders it delivers faster notification of their homologations.
The tool should now be used for all rides, and we will no longer process results from Excel RORT Spreadsheets.
You can access documentation for the tool in the Ride Organisers menu when you are logged in. This is a direct link to the documentation:  In the documentation you'll also find links to videos which demonstrate the tool. At the bottom of the documentation is a Frequently Asked Questions section.
The tool is still evolving, it has limitations and we're still fixing bugs but the overwhelming response has been positive. If you find bugs or need assistance please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
The rides you run are the core of the club and we trust and hope that this new tool will make Audax administration just a little bit easier for you.

The start of the new riding year brings a number of changes to Audax Australia arrangements:

  • Simplified and consolidated Ride Rules bring all rules about our rides into one document

  • New Safety Recommendations set out lighting and visibility standards riders are strongly urged to meet

  • New Terms and Conditions of ride entry ensure legal responsibilities and liabilities are clear

  • All registrations will be online – no more paper or cash exchanges. 

We’ve consolidated all our Ride Rules into the one document. No more hunting for each and every detail for all our ride types – international or Australian-grown varieties. The new document provides easy to follow text and simple charts. 

The differences between Brevet Randonneur Mondiaux, Brevet Gravel and Brevet Australia rides have been polished up so time limits and amount of unsealed road allowable are clear.  BRMs are traditional road rides with a minimum of unsealed surfaces and stricter length restraints. Brevet Australia rides provide flexibility for both length and proportion of unsealed road surface.  And Brevet Gravels must be over 40% unsealed road. See the original document in its entirety for the full picture.

Other changes are to remove the mandatory lighting check. Instead, riders will be required and expected to apply the Road Rules and to review our new [hyperlink to] Audax Australia Safety Recommendations for lighting and visibility which they are strongly urged to meet.

Audax Australia strongly believes in a safety culture. To be bright is to be seen.  Riders must take responsible for their visibility throughout the ride. The road rules require riders to have lights clearly visible for at least 200 metres and rear reflector clearly visible for at least 50 metres at night and in low light. Riders will be disqualified for riding without lighting when they should be used.

For safety’s sake, Audax Australia strongly recommends all riders have additional front and rear lights – using multiple rear lights is really important for visibility – and carry extra batteries or other power sources.  Extensive reflective material and hi-vis daytime colours greatly increase road users’ visibility at night and in the day. Check out the info in our Safety Recommendations…

Are you wearing the hi-vis reflective anklets provided to all current and new Members?

You can access our new Ride Rules and Safety Recommendations on our Website and using these links:


Victoria and Tasmania have operated a program to thank ride organisers and volunteers by providing vouchers which can be used to discount ride entry. To ensure our ride organisers and volunteers across the whole club receive the same benefits a proposal was accepted to create a single national voucher system. The national system will be consistent across the regions and not create a financial burden on the smaller regions as it will be funded by the club as a national initiative. This program is consistent with our non-for-profit status and returns a benefit to members who actively contribute to the club.

How the system will work

  • Vouchers will be awarded to ride organisers of calendared rides, where riders other than the ride organiser participate. They are not awarded for permanent ride organisers.
  • Voucher may be awarded to volunteers on supported rides who, in the opinion of the ride organiser, have made a significant contribution.
  • The vouchers will be funded by the National account.
  • Ride vouchers will have a nominal value of up to $25 on a single use basis for ride entry fees only. Should a voucher be used on a ride entry of less than $25 then the balance is forfeited. The vouchers cannot be used for purchasing badges, patches, accommodation or any other product from the club. (Vouchers may be applied to ride entry, temporary membership if required, and support).
  • Most vouchers are single use, however where a ride organiser runs a series of rides over multiple days a multi-use voucher may be issued, with one use issued per day of riding.
  • Ride vouchers will need to be used within three years of issue upon which time they expire.
  • Vouchers may also be unavailable for entry to some signature rides.
  • Ride vouchers are transferable. eg. A non riding spouse could transfer vouchers to a partner or friend. This will also be a great way to introduce friends to the Audax club.
  • Vouchers are created when the brevet secretary processes a RORT submitted by the ride organiser. Once the voucher is created then an email is generated to the ride organiser giving him or her the voucher code.
  • The voucher code can be used when registering for a ride through the Audax portal.
  • Audax members can check their available vouchers by logging into the portal, selecting Rides menu then My Vouchers.


The system will be backdated to the 1st of November 2017 and state Brevet Secretaries will create vouchers for those rides which have already occurred.

I would like to thank George Judkins and Peter Donnan without whose help this system could not have been implemented.

Garry Wall


Audax Australia


On the 26th of January the Annual General Meeting was held in Bright. Peter Mathews as Vice-President chaired the meeting as Brian Beardon was unable to attend, and Russell Noble as incoming Secretary took minutes as Maria Beardon was unable to attend.


The real reason many attend the AGM is the awards, and this year Peter Mathews had the honour of presenting two Lifetime Memberships. Lifetime Membership is the highest honour the club can award, and reflects a committment to all aspects of the club: riding, ride organising, volunteering, and holding positions at regional and national levels. The club is proud and honoured to present Lifetime Membership to Howard Dove and Rebecca Morton. The nomination detailing their achievements and contribution to the club can be read: The full list of awards will be made available, but include:

Ultra Randonneurs 

Katherine Bryant, Peter Carr, Peter Donnan, Peter Heal & Leigh Paterson

Australian Randonneur (lifetime total distance)

  • Rebecca Morton 100,000km - first female recipient,
  • Ian Garrity 50,000km 
  • Peter Carr 25,000km
  • David Hart 25,000km
  • Bhanu Lokubalasuriya 25,000km

Woodrup 5000

  • Peter Makin
  • Spencer Klaassen
  • Anthony J. Richardson
  • Brian Hornby
  • George Judkins
  • Claire Noonan
  • Ian Garrity
  • Katherine Bryant
  • Peter Donnan
  • Bhanu Lokubalasuriya
  • Tim Laugher
  • David Kerr
  • Perry Raison



The final ballots were cast for the election of General Members positions on the National Committee. Thanks to Leigh Paterson, Matthew Rawnsley (Life Member) and Rodney Kruz (Membership Secretary) who counted the voting. The newly elected National Committee is:

    • President: Garry Wall
    • Vice-President: Kerri-Ann Smith
    • Treasurer: Richard Scheer
    • Secretary: Russell Noble

General Member positions are held by:

    • Michael Bentley
    • Peter Donnan (also has role of International Brevet Secretary)
    • Bec Morton
    • Thomas Price

The remaining 7 members of the National Committee are the State Representatives (not necessarily Regional Presidents). These may change with region elections, and are currently:

  • Sarah Chaplin (VIC)
  • Howard Dove (NSW)
  • Chris Edie (TAS)
  • David Fairweather (SA)
  • Peter Heal (ACT)
  • Wayne Hickman (WA)
  • Brian Hornby (Qld)

I'd like to pass on my thanks to the outgoing National Committee for their work through the year. They completed a number of items that had been outstanding, worked on some back office issues that would be largely unnoticed by members (such as the relationship with Cycling Australia) and initiated work around the updating our constitution which will be continued by the new committee. Thanks to Brian and Maria Beardon for stepping into the breach when no President or Secretary nominated last year. Peter Mathews fulfilling the role of Vice-President and bringing his long experience when needed and Richard Scheer for continuing to be the rock in managing our financials. General Members Robert Hoehne who has worked on social media marketing through the year, and Mark Riley for cleaning up issues in the website content. Bec Morton and myself (Garry Wall) are part of the new committee.

Finally, thanks to the State Representatives on the National Committee for contributing across a range of activities, for communicating to the Regional Committees ensuring they understand the actions and interests of the National Committee and for representing the views of members and Regional Committees into the National Committee to shape decisions.

Garry Wall

President, Audax Australia Cycling Club Inc.  

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