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Audax Australia is a not for profit organisation that depends on the hard work of a debicated band of volunteers to keep it running. The services given so willing by these volunteers is recognised by the award of Outstanding Member and Life Membership

Life Members

Outstanding Member


Outstanding Member

The award recognises outstand serice or extraodinary long distance cycling acheivements and are announced annually. The first recipients of this  award were announced at the 2011 Annual General Meeting. See the Oustanding Member policy to find out more about this award. See Outstanding Members list.


Life Member

Life Membership is the highest honour that the Audax Australia Cycling Club can bestow on its members. Awards are made as necessary. Life members have a long and distinguished record of service as riders and volunteers.

Lorraine Allen

Phil Bellette

Peter Donnan

Howard Dove

Hans Dusink

Terry Gross

Don and Enid Halton

Tim Laugher

John Martin

Peter Moore

Russell Moore

Rebecca Morton

Matthew Rawnsley

Christopher Rogers


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Enid and Don Halton

Don and Enid joined Audax in about the early nineties and have given their time over many years to support both this organisation and fellow riders. Enid has been the Awards Secretary since 2000. Every newcomer to Audax becomes familiar with Enid's name as she sends us our cloth badges and medallions. Originally only the Nouveau and Super Series, the stable of awards administered by Enid has grown immensely. Enid and Don have both been legendary ride volunteers. Don and Enid have been the captains of the Falls Creek Control at the Alpine Classic for at least the last 5 years and, having ridden the first one, they have spent days supporting the last three Great Southern Randonees. They have conducted rides on every Victorian Calendar from 1995 up to and including 2009. The level of their organisation and catering is legendary. Now in their mid 70s, Don and Enid are not getting out on the longer rides, but their pedigrees are impressive.

Peter Moore 

Peter was awarded Life Membership in 2012 for his outstanding contributions to the Club over many years.  He is the epitome of a randonneur, inspiring a generation of long distance cyclists. Riding efficiently and self-sufficiently. Riding strongly and confidently. Simply riding long distance for the satisfaction and enjoyment.  In his no-nonsense, unassuming way, Peter has shared with newcomers and old hands alike his experience, insight and wisdom.  He has plotted and run countless rides including the internationally renowned Great Southern Randonée featuring multiple lengths including 1200 km.  He has given generously of his time to Regional and National roles.  And he has pedalled his way to great riding achievements. Peter is renowned throughout the Club as a six time ancien of Paris Brest-Paris, the randonneuring world’s oldest and best known 1200 kilometre event. In 2011, Peter finished within 40 minutes of his 1991 PBP time, twenty years before. Read Peter's full citation here.


Howard Dove and Rebecca Morton

Bec Howard LifeMembership

Bec and Howard received their Lifetime Membership at the AGM held in Bright on 26th of January, 2018. The nomination for their award can be read in full.